At some point, the DNC will realise that almost no one wants a president Biden. No. One.

Dog won't hunt.

The DNC clearly doesn't want voters to nominate Bernie Sanders. Maybe the problem isn't Sanders. Maybe the problem is the DNC. Maybe they need a reboot. The whole US federal government and partisan organisations need to remember that they exist for the voters, not the other way around.

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This seems to be no different from last time, except it was Clinton not Biden.

@fitheach I'd never vote for Trump personally, because I demand a leader with integrity, honour, grace, and intelligence. And I also couldn't bring myself to vote for Clinton.

@lightweight @fitheach not voting is a vote for . Hopefully enough of the population has come to understand that protest votes inflict self-harm, after & in the US.

@resist1984 @fitheach I voted, but not for either of the oligarchy candidates. Strategic voting signifies a badly broken democracy. I intensely dislike the US duopoly and will work hard to break it. I think a Clinton presidency would've been almost as bad as Trump for the world. And that's saying something, given the unmitigated disaster of the #Drumpfsterfire. But the world needs the US to completely wash out its federal gov't. I think only Bernie has a chance of doing that.

@lightweight @fitheach How can you think the world cares in the slightest about Hillary's email server & trust issues compared to having a denier as head of state of one of the most important countries to fighting ?

@resist1984 @fitheach neither I nor the world care a bit about Clinton's email. We hate the US' interventionist moral ineptitude and general arrogance. She is a war monger and a corporatist. Those are precisely what the world needs least.

@lightweight @fitheach if you believe that, then it makes no sense to favor . Right wing () leaders pushing a white nationalism agenda are exactly the sort of ppl the world doesn't want in power, for the reasons you state

@resist1984 @fitheach I despise Trump. I never suggested I support him. You're suggesting that by not voting for Clinton, I put him into power. No. You're badly mistaken. The poor desperate idiots who voted for him put him into power.

@lightweight @fitheach Nonsense. are hard-core voters -- voting is crucial to them b/c they are in the minorty. It's the non-voting (protest voters) who are responsible for Trump. That's on you.

@fitheach @lightweight w/out the protest voters, it'd be Hillary not Trump in power

@resist1984 @fitheach a Clinton presidency would simply have cemented the utterly broken US system behind a veneer of civility. But even Obama did a whole lot of shitty stuff and was a patsy to corporate interests.


@lightweight @fitheach Neither Clinton nor Trump would improve democracy and the voting system. But Trump has been caught tampering w/the election in ways the dems refused. (FYI, Cambridge Analyica offered to hack the election for the dems and they refused)

@resist1984 @fitheach yes. Both of them are entirely unworthy of leading the US. Trump is merely lot more unworthy.

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