the only -respecting in the world ( is currently down. Hope this is temporary! It's a sad state of affairs that users are dependant on this one search engine.

@resist1984 Assuming that is a searx instance, there are further Tor searx instances listed on
("as Hidden Service")

@fireglow thanks but I'm aware of that. is the only instance that filters out websites

@resist1984 ooh, I see! Yes that's crucial to Tor users.
How interesting!

@fireglow @newmaker
Indeed the 's is a attack on users. It forces some browsers to execute non-free j/s, while other browsers are denied the option to solve the .

And for both Tor & non-Tor users, CF sees all traffic, even the SSL encrypted traffic incl. usernames & unhashed passwords, so abuses everyone's

@Br0m3x has a abuser for CEO (who previously founded a Names DB, a svc to get naive ppl to leak the contact info of their friends). also feeds privacy abusers , & . DDG was also caught violating their own privacy policy.

@resist1984 have you tried or ?

@strypey thanks for the suggestion. I like because it demos many of the decent searx instances. I didn't like it a few months ago when it was sending ppl to searx instances that run on (glad they fixed that).

@strypey Searxes is superior b/c not only does it avoid instances, it also filters CF sites in the results. w.r.t, I think I've used it in the past and after another look it seems to be a good instance. Does it do anything particularly special? I noticed no CloudFlare results in a search I just did, but perhaps I got lucky.

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