@greyor @Wetrix Its sucks the best PixelFed federation (PixelFed.social) uses CloudFlare. Not only can I never find a federation for these places like PixelFed or PeerTube, but there isn't even a valid app for PixelFed either.

It would be so time and live saving if PrivacyTools.io at LEAST had a PixelFed federation. I understand that Mastodon is already a social media type thing, but still. It would be nice.


@glitcher32 @greyor @Wetrix we are waiting for proper S3 support, and we are waiting for it to be less buggy. There’s still a lot of issues with it (last I tried a few months ago) especially with federation that would make it hard to run a stable community. Mastodon is at least fully functional (and you can share images here in the meantime).

@glitcher32 @greyor @Wetrix or without S3 we’d at least have to pay for more storage, maybe +$5-10/month worth instead of basically $0 with Wasabi. If we were actually meeting our Liberapay goal I would reconsider hosting more things. Same goes for PeerTube. (I’m also not convinced privacy-centric folks want an Instagram alternative but I could be wrong).

@jonah Thanks for the heads-up! You're probably right about PixelFed, but I think it would be fun to post de-tagged, EXIF-scrubbed photos here and there, so that's why I am excited for a mobile app release at some point. @glitcher32 @Wetrix

@greyor @jonah @glitcher32 good conversation and good points from everyone.

At this point if u want to host photos or blogs etc I use this host called droplr.

Been great for me for years. Not perfect but I like them. You can post expiry dates/auto deletion for anything you post and even make them require a password. 🙂

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