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👌 Be more productive with Collabora Online 🌻

Use and change slide layout and master slides on the go!

Look at the possibilities that #CollaboraOffice for #iOS / #Android offers you, compared to for example #GoogleDocs

#privacy #digitalsovereignty #homeoffice

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In Francia il governo mette a disposizione #SoftwareLibero per #videoconferenze e messaggistica a tutti i dipendenti statali, con #Jitsi e Riot.

Una risposta utile al #coronavirus #covid19 che preserva #privacy e denari, senza oligopolisti.


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Working from home for the first time? Considering using #virtualbox plus #linux to keep your work and personal life separate.

Let's give one (of many) Linux scenarios for you to try:

VirtualBox + PopOS is fast, free and easy.

Download VirtualBox for your computer at then Download 19.10 at

Follow these instructions

It's easy and allows for more #privacy instead of commingled work/personal data.

#popos #debian

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@gdroid This is a very good keyboard but I'd like to have the possibility to choose which one's the letter that appears first when I long press a letter

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Posts about your children matter. Remember that if you post it, the likelihood of someone finding it, even far in the future, is likely.

Making a conscious effort to treat their online identity with respect is a great way to ensure what YOU post does not come back to haunt them.

Are you upset by what #Facebook, #Google & the like divulge to others without your approval?

Don’t be a Google. Don’t be a Facebook. Be the most private you possible when it comes to your kids.

#privacy #family

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Just discovered a very good source for interesting articles if you are in need of something to read!

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When clicking "I accept" on CNN's cookie policy, the default "Allow All" grants any of 387 different #advertising systems to place cookies in your browser.

It takes one click to potentially undermine your #privacy.

Maintain better privacy:

- Containerize browser tabs. This creates an isolated browser in each tab to stop cross-site transfer.
- Empty browser cache after each use.
- Use #EFF's #privacybadger
- Don't accept default cookie popups.

#news #culture #ads #cnn

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Today is #GivingTuesday. Help your favorite Free and Open Source projects by donating helping out.

For example, the Fediverse makes social media free, federated and fun.

Help, donate and use Mastodon, Friendica, or the newcomer Pixelfed, the Free and Open Source social platform for sharing your photos. #GivingTuesday

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To celebrate 10.000 views of Part 1 of my anti #GAFAM guide I rewrote the section on #InstantMessengers.

It now highlights #Riot / #Matrix, #Conversations and #DeltaChat as very privacy friendly. Do you agree?

I also added a Contact post to my blog recently including my Matrix and #Tutanota addresses, all my active #Fediverse profiles and #Discourse forums.

#GMAFIA #FAANG #FuckOffGoogle #FreeSoftware #DataPrivacy #SurveillanceCapitalism

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@Framasoft Here's the shit alternatives--

,,: trapped in the Great Wall of

: registration blocked by Google reCAPTCHA

: Condaleeza Rice is on the board

: spam hell & broken anyway

: uses Amazon AWS; requires registration with non-disposable email acct

: paywall with 30 day trial

: svc denied to non-MS users

: verification email never comes if using a disposable email address

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@ilpianista Plz don't use . is not a good company to empower. In addition to these issues:

MS gave $100k to the Cloakroom to hide meetings between conservative US republican politicians & corporations.

If I find a bug on a github-hosted project, I do not report it b/c of all the red tape in loggin in.

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's PDF manuals are wrapped in EXE and DMG files. WTF. Canon customer support says "if you want the manual you need to use a friend's Mac or Windows desktop". Are you fucking kidding me?!

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#Invidition replaces all embedded YouTube-Videos and YouTube Links with ones from #Invidious. The only thing you need to decide to which instance the addon should redirect you.

#learningmonday #firefox #invidious #youtube #privacy

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