@gdroid This is a very beautiful and user friendly app! It would be perfect if we could have a recently opened file section

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Hi Fediverse

it seems to me that switching.social closed down it's services. All social media accounts are deleted and the site is currently offline.

Unfortunately, I have no clue what happened, I'm as surprised as you are. I already contacted the French, Italian and Turkish version of the site.

In case someone knows anything about what happened or has backups of one/multiple pages of the website, I would be very happy to get in touch with you.

#SwitchingSocial #offline
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Open Source Game Clones: a website listing remakes, clones, and similar open-source games to classic titles.

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BBC building Alexa-style virtual assistant, to be called Beeb.

"The BBC already works with other voice assistants, such as Alexa and Google Assistant, but it is increasingly pushing users towards its own products, **so it can collect more data**."

Emphasis mine.


#SurveillanceCapitalism #privacy #DeepState #BBC

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OK guys hear me out, a PeerTube tab that admins can enable for Mastodon. All your videos will be In a separate feed and It'll all be linked to the same account.

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I wonder if there ever will be a private internet provider out there, or just possible to get a secure internet connection anywhere without the need of some scam phone plan.

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question on security releated to #peertube:

Are the ip adresses of those that watch a video and that share date with each other in some way obscured?

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@volpit @Wetrix The one with the best privacy seems to be swisscows.com/

"We do not collect any of our visitors’ personal information. None whatsoever. When using Swisscows neither your IP address is recorded nor is the browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) collected. No analyses are made, which operating system our users use (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.); your search are not recorded either."

Read full here: swisscows.com/en/privacy

(was to long)

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I've been at it for over a week now uploading art on Pixelfed every day.

I'm still just a beginner, and I know there's so much more I could learn and do.
GIFs animation, commissions, popular requests, internet poles.

And I want to go through this journey of world building and writing my books and creating art with you guys.

#artist #art #mastoart #pixelfed #writing #fiction

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No words... When Notre Dame was burning several donated spontaneously lots of money. Now that the source of 20% of our is burning all we hear is that blames NGOs...

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