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Just published Google lawsuit evidence indicates that like always retained users' location data, even if disabled in user interface, to the extent that its own employees flashed LineageOS on their phones to avoid tracking. Full thread on twitter.com/jason_kint/status/

Privacy elitists using only Stallman-approved FOSS may snigger, but this is a step in the right direction


@syntax mine got EmulationStation + Kodi + Shairport. Not much r/w operations daily as Kodi stuff is on NAS. It had torrent client as well, but it killed SD cards.

I bet logs kill your SD card as it's a ton of small operations -> the worst thing for the SD card.

For the future life of your SD cards: Create a ram disk, collect 100MB of logs in the RAM disk and dump logs to SD Card in 100MB chunks, instead of constant ~10kb R/W operations :)

Or simply point loggers to network storage.

@syntax I've been hosting filesystem for years now on Samsung SD Card (Rpi3B) that is working 24/7. Did you by any chance used torrents directly on the SD card? It kills cards in an instant

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Ok this is slightly insane. OpenType (the common font format) actually supports simple scripts inside the font for complex characters and such. So a guy WROTE AN ENTIRE GAME INSIDE A FONT called Fontemon that you play by typing letters on the keyboard. coderelay.io/fontemon.html#pla

🐦🔗: twitter.com/d_feldman/status/1

@lyndon I have a lot of experience with Green Cell. Polish rebrand of Chinese batteries. Sounds like a bad thing, but what isn't a Chinese rebrand now days?

They have a really good internal quality control of this imports, and that's what differentiates them from buying straight from China.

They also have a good return policies, so you're not risking anything :)

@loke @joacim

First iterations are always more exciting. Just like with the first iOS/Android devices or first laptops. Don't care about 5G myself as well :)

That being said 5G gives you WIFI-like latency, so it's a godsend for everybody that needs "fiber-quality" Internet but does not have a good ISP nearby.

Or play competitive games when traveling.

Or like to video-chat without this weird latency-lag that makes soft, polite joining into coversation almost impossible

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@syntax invest in a good Samsung SD card. My retropie/kodi is working non-stop for years, not even one issue. With Kingston, I've got all kinds of funny business.

Also no extensive read/write to the filesystem. Torrent client on my RPi killed my Kingston SD card (even when it buffered 60MB chunks in RAM before dropping it on the SD Card)

can you recommend good RSS agregators (or just rss links) for worthy news/culture/tech/hobby media? I use "follow <medium name> on Facebook" as an RSS substitute and it sucks.

@andreas lack of gaps-compatibilty on secure distros and unwillingness to use Android with privileged gapps is the only reason that's keeping me from having Android phone. Can't wait for this solution to mature.

@stzeit what do you want it to do? Host a website? Share files?

First find a use case for it, then google the specifics.

If you want to do it for the sake of doing it and need an example: try to host a wordpress website.

@syntax are big news sites still provide RSS feeds? :O This is a game changer for me!

@syntax I'm looking for something similar.

I'm trying to find a news agregator that's decentralised.

All I can think of other then "liking fanpages on FB" is Flipboard and Apple News… and both are centralised.

What I simply want is a good old RSS system and/or article scraping.

Is there any new incarnation of the RSS this days?

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