I just switched over from Android to iOS.

I have not used any Google or Facebook apps on this phone as my last device was infested with them.

Any good iOS app you can recommend that you can't live without? I've tried to stay loyal to the list on privacytools and the recommendations there, but always looking to take it a step further. I have , , , , vpn.

Also, besides location, what Settings should be turned off/disabled?

Thank you!

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@trooper And a some useful iOS-specific apps to call out:
* Strongbox (FOSS KeePass manager) [1]
* Better (FOSS Safari adblocker by & [2]
* Passepartout (FOSS OpenVPN client) [3]
* Toot! (Mastodon client by [4]
* (privacy policy [5])


@trooper hereโ€™s a few apps Iโ€™ve been using on my iOS devices.




ProtonVPN or NordVPN

File Encryption:

Cryptomator or Boxcryptor

Password Manager:

1Password (with a local vault)


AdGuard Pro (Github Project)


FireFox Focus and Onion Browser (Tor)

Online File Storage:



iMessage and Signal

Search Engine:


Hope that helps!

@ddc sweet! Thank you! I saw the apps you're using and I'm glad I'm using a majority of the same ones!

@trooper Signal is the defacto for messaging when getting away from WhatsApp and Telegram. Iโ€™ve used Threema for a long time.

@trooper There is your issue, you're using IOS. Apple may say that "privacy matters", but I wouldn't trust them. Using a privacy OS (operating system) like LineageOS would be much smarter instead of using a very locked down place like IOS.

@trooper you may want to drill in to the location setting some more. There is a sneaky setting called โ€œsignificant locationsโ€ that is described at
Not sure your threat model but if you donโ€™t want that location info stored on your phone then best to go in and explicitly disable it. Even with location services disabled that setting stays on unless you are explicit about turning off.

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