@tripofmice The cert for bookwyrm.social has expired.
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Fri, 03 Sep 2021 16:15:13 GMT

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@bookwyrm The cert for bookwyrm.social has expired.
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Fri, 03 Sep 2021 16:15:13 GMT

@Tilduke First issue I have found is that it doesn't yet seem to have an export feature, which makes me feel a little uncomfortable. Seems to be a work in progress github.com/bookwyrm-social/boo

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Just created a account @Tilduke . I might stand up my own instance eventually; but, I wanted to take it for a test ride first.

I've just started looking at the as a source of inspiration - it's has really handy enrichment from a variety of external repositories to see potential misuse examples. It has even started enumerating COM objects which is cool.

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Anyone in the fediverse doing some threat hunting using or another EDR? Looking for some people to brainstorm techniques with.

Good guy Canada establishing a migration route for Human Rights Defenders. I'm actually shocked this is an apparent first in the world.


The way that @duckduckgo@twitter.com render ads now is borderline deceptive. They look just like normal results with a little [AD] next to the title. Can't they at least shade the background or something? I know they need to make money somehow but don't use dark patterns to try to trick me into clicking on the ads.

The trend towards having the username and password on two separate pages is realllllly annoying.

While trying to work out why web designers are doing this I came across this page (twilio.com/blog/why-username-a) which basically seems to conclude it isn't necessary and just confuses people and auto-type password managers.

Anyone here run a website that does this? Why? Do you hate your users?

Why is it so common for people to think socialist thinking is something you grow out of?
Do people get so indoctrinated into capitalism that they can no longer think critically about its major flaws, and work towards a better solution?

I'm surprised by how few analysts I have managed to track down on Mastodon instead there is still a thriving community on Twitter. The lean towards is strong in this field.

Damn you don't realise how many things rely on Google play services until it is gone.

Starting on the with . I figured it had been sitting on my shelf for long enough.

Started learning rust this week after basically settling in to using either Python or C, depending on purpose, for everything for the last 10 years. I can see why it is so popular already - such a nice language that solves many of my gripes with both the dangerousness of C and the laziness of Python. Any other new rustaceans out there?

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