@InternetRooky are you my former boss 🤣 this role though, if I fucked up in a decision or advising someone else, could result in civil and/or criminal penalties at the individual and/or corporate level depending on severity of the fuck up, & the company fucks up A LOT as it is so lol nooo thank you. He said the chances would be “pretty low” & I said “that’s still too high for my comfort, though!” Tbh for months I’ve been wanting to switch to the trades too

@BlackFish probably the least helpful reply, but I know some retro video games of the ‘80s and ‘90s were written using assembly, so if that’s of any interest to you, it might be worth checking out. I think the Sonic Genesis games for example were written in assembly, except for Spinball, so maybe messing around with the ROM code to see “what happens if I do this?” could help?

@InternetRooky someone at my job blatantly ignores my questions but copies me on emails related to my job function so which is it, lady? 🤣 she’s not senior leadership but works under a member of it so I guess that plays into it? Like don’t bother me then if you’re just gonna ignore my advice that YOU asked for!

@InternetRooky agreed wtf, doesn’t sound like any zoomers I know! Not that they’re disrespectful people, but IMO they seem way more in-tune with sticking by their worth/not putting up with wage slavery just because and working to change the system. Maybe it’s just biased towards who the person knows in their circles

@InternetRooky thank you!! I actually found her pleasant to talk with so idk why all the intimidation!! 😅

But after my second discussion (with my former boss, and my potential boss - both who know me well and I them), and a panic attack during lunch, I’ve decided I will bow out of the process. The role isn’t quite what I thought it would be and there is too much liability and risk that I’m not comfortable accepting for any amount of pay at this time. 😖

Job interview tomorrow with senior leadership. 😳🤞 Have heard that one member of the panel is “all business” and that they can “sniff out fear”. 😬

BookWyrm is a new open federated alternative to Goodreads, and part of the Fediverse:

➡️ @bookwyrm

You can post about books you're reading, and interact with others on BookWyrm, Mastodon etc.

The platform is still a work in progress:


The flagship instance is at:


Development git is here:


#BookWyrm #BookWorm #Fediverse #Books #Comics #Authors #ActivityPub #Book #Reading #Readers #Goodreads #Literature #OpenSource

@Wetrix just watch this video from the reddest part of Florida (Matt Gaetz’ district for context). This county is basically “Lower Lower Alabama” 😬 the person they are yelling at is Asian-American on the school board

@Wetrix because of COVID (“China virus”, “Kung Flu”, etc); because they associate all Asians/Asian-looking people with China and China = Communism and Communism = anti-Americanism (same as anti-socialist hate and rhetoric, e.g. remarks about Venezuela and/or Cuba); because of the stereotype that “all Asians are smart” and take spots away from white students in uni, etc

"Surveillance quiets resistance and takes away our choices. It robs us of private space, eroding our dignity and the things that make us human. It's up to all of us to fight back." -Edward Snowden

“Well, who’s to say that enough of them couldn’t pick someone up and take them away. Well… we’ll see. I know they are harmless… but they are grossing us all out.” - Judy Woodruff talking about Brood X cicadas, PBS NewsHour (April 27, 2021)


After rearranging some furniture in the house yesterday,
me: 🥰😍❤️😌👍
the cats: 😳🧐😖😭😡

@InternetRooky I never thought about this aspect of immortality before 😳 then again, I’m already exhausted from this finite life! 😅

@InternetRooky lmfao it’s not Firefly! I’ve never actually seen it (yet)! But if I told you what the show was, I’d probably nearly doxx myself, since it’s so niche. 😜 I’ve thought about doing an anonymous blog for the show, but I like the way some podcasts play one or two few-second clips to emphasize a scene or important point and I’d love to be able to do that as part of the analysis every episode.

@krock 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I am laughing but tbh I’m sure someone out there is legit trying to make something like this a reality to market to big pharma and consumers - “no need for invasive colonoscopies! No need to mail your stool sample in a box to a lab! Want to know what triggered your IBS last night?” etc

@krock right? “Oh if you have nothing to hide then that means I can read through your diary, right?” Or “if you have nothing to hide, can I read all your texts on your phone right this second?” Most would object to any of those questions - so why not have the same reaction to your data being sucked up by Google, etc. or when you willingly give it to them?

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