, Blockchain and DeFi protocols are not for the faint of heart. Don't get . Explore projects of some of the DeFi protocols that have fallen victim to attack, exploit or arbitrage. - rekt.eth.link/

After a year that I created the list of podcasts, I've updated it. Interesting content added from: Trace Labs, This Week in 4n6, Down the Security Rabbithole & more.


Dark dot fail and onion dot live websites are compromised, stop using onion links from those websites until they are safe again. Attacker managed to switch DNS providers.


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More than two years after this model was published, the price continues to track the model's predictions with astonishing precision. twitter.com/s2fmultiple/status

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The FATF is not a legal entity as it tries to shield from legal scrutiny by acting as an extended governement task force for 30 years already.

It is intentionally informal to duck human rights legislation that applies to their governments.

Wouldn't onboard them ;-)

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Rechter geeft toezichthouder tikje op de vingers in โ€˜Bitcoin-rechtszaakโ€™ volkskrant.nl/ts-b8d6104e via @volkskrant@twitter.com

Artikel is onjuist op onderstaande punten.

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Rechtszaak Bitonic vs DNB over gestelde walletverificatie-eis: uitspraak morgen, 7 april, om 10.00 uur

bitcoin.nl/nieuws/555 via @BitcoinPuntNL@twitter.com

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Vanochtend stonden @Bitonic@twitter.com en @DNB_NL@twitter.com tegenover elkaar in de rechtszaal in Rotterdam

Onderwerp van discussie: De wallet verificatie eis.

Het werd een ochtend vol emotie, frustratie en onbegrip.

Lees mee:

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