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It simply is what it always has been :)

As a longtime solution provider, for decades myself, I learned early on that there really is not so much a notion of *problems*, as there is the, #Opportunity_for_Solutions.

It is what it is, and I'm confident in my belief that you've discovered a new opportunity and can develop a viable solution within the confines of the #Gemini spec.

You can still find folks selling #ASCII art portraits at the local Saturday morning swapmeets - they take your photo and then print a coffee cup, or mousepad, and these files can be further manipulated online, even generating #QR_Codes from the artwork. They were indeed not designed for proportional spacing, and #ANSI art is on the rise again as well.

If nothing else, these ASCII-art headers are a hat tip to a kinder, simpler computing environment, while these screen readers you've mentioned are quite probably an example of dismissive arrogance that condescends from the same lofty perch that the big monolithic silos sit upon, as they beautify the intricately complicated monetization, slaughter, butchering, packaging, and distribution of the target commodity we call people, but they call inventory.

Yup, this same pretty #Dopamine delivery system that actually spawned something like #Project_Gemini in the first place, with its simple plaintext files that beg the acknowledgement of those #ASCII_Art banners - the same ones you see in every #IRC network, #UNIX #MOTD, #Gopher, and #FTP servers around the globe (not to mention the thousands of extant #Echomail based file sharing network systems or the signature line artwork that plaintext based email users incorporate).

If there's indeed a problem here, one might propose that it stems from the lack of regard for the concept of backward compatibility in contemporary tools predicated on, and intended for use in, an environment where the only truly important thing is to facilitate the cannibalistic feeding upon of the users themselves in a market based economy of total consumer consumption.

And I don't mean the consumer consuming, but rather, the consumption of the consumer.


There's a lot you can do client side with Ariane I think?

Love your work by the way!



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Something has been bothering me for a while (years, actually), and it's privacy related in the sense that someone can use a privacy concious search utility like Duck Duck Go or Startpage, and yet still only be handed the sanitized results that meet the objectives of the companies stealing the privacy of individuals in the first place.

It is a zero sum game - you're still packaged and quantified. You're still getting the results that you were bought and paid for in the first place.


* You affect a search for a hotel room in some town you plan to visit in a few days. Travelocity and like sites come up, but the bed and breakfast you probably would have chosen is buried on page four of the SERPS. They're also listed in one of the directory services on page one that, if they didn't already pay for, would leave their website buried in oblivion - even though booking directly would cost less than the megaopolis sites that extort them at the peril of being driven into bankruptcy, and never mind the money that they spent on SEO for their own website.

* You do a search for a plumber. That's local to you, right? And even though the plumber had a website, that too is buried under several pages of directory indexers like Yelp - even below their own GMB (Google My Business) page, which of course, is down in page two or three of the #SERPS. Big wealthy plumbing companies with marketing departments dominate Yelp anyway, add have dedicated staff to solicit ratings and okay the rank game with Yelp and other directories, so you never actually reach the vendors that you actually would have chosen.

They get fucked in the ass and so do you.

What if...

There was a #search_service that utilizes something like startpage or DDG , yet filtered out all of those big monolithic motherfuckers that are running the equivalent of modern day #protection_rackets, threatening to crush the Ma & Pa plumbers and motels and other small businesses that no matter what, never will appear on page one of a Google or Bing search?

What technology exists to build this, and how stable and effective might it be?

Your thoughts? Suggestions? Expertise in implementing such a fair and equitable service?

I'd really like to open a dialog about this. We have Nitter, and Yotter, and Invidious, and Bibliogram. These seem to address one aspect of how we are tossed into the chipper and then reconstituted as Soylent Green. It's freaking cannibalism, if you think about it.

So what initiatives, dialogs, discussions, or projects might we be able to deploy with the long range goal being the, #disruption_of_the_corruption as a viable solution?

#Please_boost, and I'm so very interested in hearing your input.

Thanks, and I guess that helps! :)



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Yah, After Bank Street Writer, MultiMate, and Wordstar, there was #Star_Writer, and #StarOffice was free even before being #OpenSource and then under the tutelage of the Mighty #Sun_Microsystems.

After #Sun was gobbled up by the #Evil_EllisonCo, OOo was going to be hopefully released back to the community, shepherded by the capable defectors of #The_Document_Foundation, but Larry Ellison, being the vindictive dik that he is held the brand hostage until the defectors had rebranded the fork as #LibreOffice, and then, after effectively killing off the #OOo brand, he dumped it like trash on the Apache Foundation, where it languished in their *incubator* until it was all but completely irrelevant.

Long live The Document Foundation; Long live LibreOffice!


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Does that mean that everyone can now start wearing Iron Maiden t-shirts to sessions of parliament?

That's a good thing, right? πŸ€˜πŸ‘ΉπŸ€˜
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When I first came across "No Support Linux Hosting" a couple of years back, I couldn't stop laughing. 'What a novel idea!', I thought.

On demand, self-managed hosting services usually indicate that the typical tech support response is usually going to be: "Just click that little red button in your control panel and reinstall the OS, and all will be well".

Generally not what the customer was praying to hear.

After all, the responsibility for the management of the machinery ends with that machinery being up and available in a self-managed environment. Anything beyond that, and the customer is entitled to break their machines any way they like - whether on purpose or accidentally.

So the **No Support** branding makes for great marketing, because that's exactly what on demand, self-managed services are anyway (yes, you can elect to pay more for hand holding or even managed services, with some managed services plans meaning you're not allowed to touch your own server).

This story has made it all the way from TorrentFreak to Ziff Davis, highlighting just how pervasive this takedown, and two others, were.

Most providers incorporate active #disaster_recovery plans including #backups and #snapshots of their customer's machinery even if the customer doesn't pay for those additional upsells.

Why? Because if something happens at the infrastructure level it's the provider's responsibility to get things back online ASAP, and if the customer blows something up it presents an opportunity for the provider to come riding in like a knight in shining armor and rescue the irresponsible customer by charging just enough of a shitload of money so their customer's business operations don't entirely fail. A penalty, so to speak, for the customer not electing to subscribe to the #backup or #snapshot services before #disaster struck.

So... Why wasn't that the case here?

Or perhaps, as the article suggests, maybe there was some hidden complicity?

Since there are inferences to #piracy and #copyright violations, one might point out that several emerging technologies and initiatives in the world of file sharing are now exploring, and/or deploying, infrastructure incorporating #IPFS and #blockchain technologies - a possible game changer for Internet #archives and the ability to affect #DMCA takedowns in the future.

So let's break out the bon bons and #popcorn, pick a comfy seat, and settle in to watch how the #plot of this #movie unfolds, shall we?

I hoped that helps! :)

#tallship #Vger You can haz #Cheezburgerz! πŸ”


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Nor should you have that need my friend. It'll get patched, and it's a limited #vul anyway.

Screen is real #GNU, but it's had several maintainers and some claim it's a bit of spaghetti code after all these decades.

I originally began my migration to #tmux soon after its release by the #OpenBSD folks and in there beginning used to even remap the keybinding to ^a to mimic #screen, but now, on machines that I use #Byobi on, I map that to ^b to mimic tmux, which is what it's actually built over.

Now, here's something I do that you might be interested in...


I've been a package maintainer for #TWIN for almost twenty years, and while it pretty much just languished in relative obscurity at #Sourceforge until just a few years ago it has enjoyed a considerable surge in popularity since being rehomed at #GitHub.

I like to use it in its own, regular, virtual Linux console, away from X-Windows, or I'll attach via X-forwarding remotely. That way, I'll just <Ctrl>+<Alt>+Fn# to get out of my local X Server Session, ssh into that box, and attach. I'll tile several TWinTerms inside of which I run my tmux or screen sessions.

You might want to make sure you're running #gpm for your mouse support ;)

You should give it a go. It's fucking fun shit. And do please tell me what you think okay? It's a bit different, and you guys remember coz it was originally written for #DOS in the #386 days, but if you've ever networked DOS to #UNIX machines using #Quarterdeck's #DESQview/X you should be right at home πŸš€

Nowadays, development is once again quite active and you can visit the project at GitHub:


I hope that helps! :)



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Ah, hi Kashya :)

It's actually a really old 16bit video arcade game from the 80's that was retooled for one of the earliest television game consoles.

In their rush to bring it to market, they apparently hired non English speaking translators who butchered the pregame narrative, eventually spawning one of the biggest and most enduringly viral of Internet memes over the past 30 years lolz.

If you know what it is and get the joke, then you're "one of the kewl geeks".

So now you know, and when you go out in public and say, "All you base are belong to us", and you get funny expressions from people asking what you meant, just smile and walk away, leaving them wondering, yet knowing that something just went right over the tops of their head lolz.

It's kinda like those people that say, "Hey I clicked on that link but all I got was some shitty music video that kept coming up called, 'Never Gonna Give You Up', what the fuck?"

What's funny is that those folks just told everyone that they got "RickRolled", without ever even realizing that their lack of knowing this is what the joke is all about.

Everybody gets Rickrolled from time to time, but acknowledging that you know it just happened to you is your flame retardant suit, so to speak.

The song has well over a billion views, which, depending on his publishing contract, may have already retired his fricken' grandchildren!

This particular version, has over 863 million views:


Kisses πŸ’‹

#AYBABTU #rickrolled #tallship #Vger
#memes #culture
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Ruh roh!

Everyone uses #tmux instead nowadays anyway, right?

I know, ewb00ntewians use #Byobi and that's actually built on top of tmux anyway, not screen

#screen #vul #vulnerability #irssi #minecraft #irc #tallship #Vger

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Hi Grant,

I'm interested in any links you might be able to provide leading to the GPL you think you read, and we'll do what we can to correct this issue.

Why? Because that phrase nor any part of it exists in either version 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0 of the GNU General Public License.

To be clear, I would steer you towards:




Those three links are definitive, official texts for all three versions of the license.

Please refer to those texts for future reference.

**Someone has been lying to you**.

I hope that helps! :)

#tallship #Vger #FOSS #FSF #GNU
#GNU's #Not #UNIX
#misinformation #open_source


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OMFG this is so cute!

For those of you who *really* know me, you are already aware that I forgoed medical school, even though I was a shoe in, coz I was informed that I would not be selected for a PhD program in Biological Oceanography at Scripps Institution of Oceanography back when I attended UCSD.

Ling story short, I wanted to count fucking fish, not stitch people up.

And I am still, at heart, a wanna-be Marine Biologist.

And this little ditty I scraped from elsewhere here in the Fediverse just warmed my icy fricken' heart. I want to share it with you now, all of my friends and even my frienemies, and ask if any of you can say that you've never done this yourselves, lolz.

I just wanna bring a bit of love and a smile to your beautiful faces... Truly.

Yah, we're really all just one big happy fucking family, and not so different from one another. Truly!

I hope you enjoy, and that this short video brings a smile to your face and all of your friends that you share this with!

Please boost!





#tallship #Vger #Marine_mammals #our_better_half
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After six very long months for many that have been waiting and hoping, a #Framasoft sponsored project has finally been released in the form of the latest version of #Fedilab (v2.38.1) on F-Droid!

Fedilab, is an #Android client to access the distributed #Fediverse, consisting of social networking platforms including photo sharing and video hosting, blogging aggregation and sharing services.

A couple of really kewl new features become available in this latest stable version, both are really kewl, but only one is actually listed in the release notes, so let's start with that:

* #New_post_notifications are available as a new feature you can elect to implement on a case by case basis, for the accounts you follow. Yet another feature present in most social networks and forum software that has been around for ages and still not implemented on most #Fediverse platforms (it does already exist on #Friendica instances).

*The other major upgrade, although not really a new feature is seamless and triangle #translation_services that facilitate making and maintaining friendships with others worldwide, regardless if there's a common language between parties. This feature was introduced a long time ago and supported exclusively by Fedilab, using the Yandex engines' free services...

Until those free services wetter terminated, and the translation feature languished for much of the last year with an interesting future.

Well, Fedilab has just rebased their language translation services integrating with #Libretranslate, and I must say it's is noted lightning fast and flawless, as much as translations can be anyway πŸ˜‰

Don't forget to pickup the latest version of Fedilab at F-Droid :)

As an added bonus, you can even stay abreast of the bleeding edge of Fedilab development by enabling their own F-Droid repo where you can obtain the very latest, including beta versions of of Fedilab, and you can do this in just a couple of quick clicks at: https://fdroid.fedilab.app/

I hope that helps! :)



#tallship #Vger #F_Droid #Open_Source #FOSS
@apps @Fedilab
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RT @DanielMicay@twitter.com

Seriously James, fuck off. You're by far the worst 'friend' that I've had in my life. We're going to keep building GrapheneOS regardless of what you do. No amount of your bullshit will stop us. Cut your losses while you can. Stop threatening students working on open source.

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/DanielMicay/status

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