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How safe is to use an internal without an enclosure? For context: this would be indoors, connected 24/7 via SATA-to-USB as extended storage for a . Maybe there's a lifehack for a homemade enclosure?

What's your preferred mobile app for , and why?

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Just published Google lawsuit evidence indicates that like always retained users' location data, even if disabled in user interface, to the extent that its own employees flashed LineageOS on their phones to avoid tracking. Full thread on

I've taken the plunge and decided to make my full-time , for as well as writing. I was always happy with but I've had enough of the painful performance I get from running it alongside other necessary apps. Let me know your Vim plugin recommendations for development with mostly , Less and .

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Today, the Grand Chamber of the @ECHR_CEDH, Europe’s highest human rights court, confirms UK surveillance regime was unlawful.

In 2013, after @Snowden's revelations, we brought the UK government to court together with many other NGOs.

More on the judgment soon...

Been busy revisiting some writing recently. I have a post coming very soon which will guide beginners from start to finish setting up their own mixnode. I'll then be writing a guide on fundamentals for beginners.

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The European Court of Human Rights' judgment on the 10 Human Rights Organisations case is due on 25 May. We sat down with whistleblower last year to discuss what this case means for surveillance not only in the UK, but around the world. 🧵/1


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what in the crap

"Fox is making a blockchain animated series with Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon to sell you NFTs"

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Join monthly Tor Localization Hangouts!

Every 3rd Friday of the month, the Tor Localization Team meets to translate, share tricks, meet fellow translators, have fun, & learn about @torproject l10n priorities.

NEXT HANGOUT: Fri., May 21 @ 8am UTC onwards

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I'm searching for resources about code review processes. Feel free to reply with your experiences too. I'm not interested in technical matters right now like how to automate parts of code review or your Opinion about the right size of a pull request. I'm asking about the social process of deciding when to merge. How do you ensure quality and keep development moving ahead without getting dragged down by disagreements? Boosts appreciated.

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If you had wanted to watch my 30th anniversary fireside chat with the @EFF but missed it, it's now up online.

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At first, @matrix was "just" a modern alternative to IRC to talk on GNOME channels for me.

But the more I use it, the more I enjoy it. Having your own instance is really pleasant.

Of course not everyone is a systems administrator, let alone a competent one. There is a real need for small managed instances.

For people insterested, Element offers Element Home, a 10-person managed instance:

Alternatively, Etke offers to manage services for you:

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@libravatar @ilpianista thanks for that PR, great feeling when people feel passionate enough to contribute 🤗

There had been an earlier libravatar issue and at that moment, I had to put it on hold because of (poor) code design choices I had made 😐

With the Keyoxide 3.0.0 rewrite, this is now feasible. We must give key holders the choice of avatar provider. But I wouldn't mind setting defaults that favor decentralized options!

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@lanodan @striker @emilis @syntax @lig @rugk @apokrif @federico3 @pthenq1 @nekojet

Just noticed, the current Tor Browser has this option activated as well (at least on my phone) ... can your real IP be revealed by JS when opening a PDF file? ...I'm not an expert here.. just asking 🤔

There's a (german) vid about JS in PDFs at YT with a testing PDF (creates a popup message) mentioned here:

All but set on services from my two VPSs to a single at @linode. I also want to weigh up vs , particularly in terms of setting up reverse proxies so I can have multiple services running on subdomains. Thoughts?

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Thanks again to for shining a spotlight on us during this years #DataPrivacyDay.

If anyone ever asks you: why should I #GetSession?

Just show them this chart.

Learn more 👇

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