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Now I get why people are reluctant to use SDs in their . I have what's quite clearly a worn or corrupted SD (which is used for the whole filesystem). I'm getting fatal errors, terminal quirks and all sorts of funny business. Fingers crossed a can do the trick. If not, I'll need to reinstall everything :( I think I should invest in an m.2 adapter or just plug in a spare SSD via USB and mount the filesystem on that. Any better suggestions? I use this Pi 24/7 for .

What the F*** is doing in my Pi's apt sources list. This is some bitter irony - I use this almost exclusively for . I was wondering what all the hype was about recently and now it's clear. Where can I find out more about why this has happened and what, if anything, is being done about it?

For those of you who ran into an issue when adding my feed, I've found the cause ("Unknown" pub dates "impossible to convert"), so it should now feed nicely into your reader of choice. Happy !

"Nextcloud can replace many of the online apps you use for collaboration, organization, and task management."

Starting in 45 minutes: A live At Home with EFF stream! β€œOnline Censorship Beyond Trump and Parler” will bring together experts on content moderation policy alongside free speech experts for a provocative conversation about the issues facing us today.

πŸ“ New post: 'Let's chat freelearning' --

"My vision for content was always – and largely still is – about raising awareness of, and educating people about, , , and free open source software ()..."

I've now created a public room at -- My intention is to use this room to bring together anyone interested in contributing to made with . I may soon start a range of courses on subjects. Join the room and share your thoughts!

There's also on @fdroidorg

"Easy to use OpenStreetMap editor for Android"

"Help to improve the OpenStreetMap with StreetComplete!

This app finds incomplete and extendable data in your vicinity and displays it on a map as markers. Each of those is solvable by answering a simple question to
complete the info on site.

The info you enter is then directly added to the OpenStreetMap in your name, without the need to use another editor."


Update: we just got a call from a Google VP who explained the suspension was triggered by a report of extremely abusive content accessible on the server. Our trust & safety team had already acted on it, and the app should be reinstated shortly.


It was all going great with my jails on two of my VPSs until I changed the port SSH listens on. F2B seems to only work when SSH port is 22. Anyone experienced this? I wasted enough hours debugging this that I've now removed F2B out of frustration.

Don't know how to code but still want to contribute to open projects? Consider open street maps!

OSM is the community built map of the world. Anyone can edit the map and all the data is freely available and usable in any of your projects.

Start in your own neighborhood. Maybe your street is missing or named wrong. Update the corner shop hours. Map the parks or sidewalks. Anything helps and many hands make light work!

Day 8 - #100DaysToOffload

#osm #openstreetmap

We're proud to announce the first episode of the new @thepine64 Community #Podcast, PineTalk.

It's hosted by @Ezra and @linmob, who talk about how they got started with computers, PINE64 and FOSS in general for the first episode.

Go listen at

Looking for feedback:

While exploring new possibilities to become more long term sustainable in maintaining our expenses independently from institutions, some are investigating the idea of offering merch.

Not only to help and promote Tails, but also to offer useful products while raising awareness for social and environmental struggle related to them.

After all, Tails exists to help those fighting for social justice and we try to apply the same values to our potential merch store.

What is your choice after switching from #WhatsApp?

Please help me share.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource

I think it's time I tried ... I watched a video intro to it made by one of my favourite new video content creators, :

I was recently recommended and I can confirm it's a brilliant site. I've been going down the rabbit hole recently and it's great to have a site like this with lots of interactive , a lot of which is free. I may even submit my own learning content someday.

Registration for the 100% online LibrePlanet 2021 conference is live! Register today to help us build an amazing event:

Anyone had luck offering their family/friends pen testing? My Pi Zero W is now running Kali with the Re4son kernel. I want to put it to work for more practice. There's only so much I can try to hack my own locked down network. Suggestions welcome πŸ‘

New to Mastodon. Anyone have recommendations on follows?

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