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Using two-factor auth is one of the simplest things users can do to protect their accounts, but teaching it can be tricky. Our lesson plan will help you navigate this landscape in a way that won’t confuse your learners or cause them to lose interest.

I've got a question about the Fediverse and our 13 year-old son πŸ€”

After watching 'The Social Dilemma' with him today, we had a chat about Instagram, Twitter, etc.

He asked what I use and I told him more about Mastodon and federated servers (he knows some of this due to me PM'ing @moodlenet)

My question is whether, based in the UK, there are any instances he can join?, for instance, says users have to be 16 years old because of GDPR...

interface renaming anyone? On multiple occasions I've had issues. For some reason my loopback interface is called "rename1". Support assures me this is normal/default config, but it just doesn't make sense to me. Why not "lo" for loopback, and why did it get renamed in the first place? Soon I'm just going to get rid and start fresh with trusty .

On this peertube instance one can find lots of good video materials on #FLOSS


You may want to follow this account for getting updates:

#GNOMEChallenge project init.OSS is designed to help users with a range of skill levels, from beginner to advanced, contribute to #FOSS projects. For beginners, there are programming tutorials, and for more advanced users, suggested issues to resolve.

init.OSS founder, Sam Robbins, is a Computer Science Student at Durham University. You can help his project by contributing to the repository here:

#freesoftware #OpenSource

Arguments for/against running my own channel? My understanding is it's a big responsibility and a lot of effort (especially if public and popular). What are the essential things to consider?

I'm really keen to get involved with the @debian Debian Academy platform, so I've joined the channel (-academy on ) and I'm hoping to contribute in any way with writing/dev/design/proofreading, using authoring and tools like and etc.

#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @PINE64 - Makers of low-price FOSS laptops, smartphones, tablets and more

🌟 @protonmail - Ad-free independent encrypted email provider

🌟 @fsf - PeerTube channel for the Free Software Foundation @fsf

🌟 @Tubelab - Android app for PeerTube, from the makers of @fedilab

🌟 @kosa_photo - Japanese landscape and cityscape photographer

🌟 @davidrevoy - Illustrator, FOSS supporter and creator of the Pepper & Carrot libre webcomic

I've finally figured out the tool for managing my credentials. It works nicely and I've also managed to set up a challenge-response key for use with .

Someone please explain how I can manage my OTPs with the Yubikey Authenticator 'ykman' tool (now that there is a bug in the preventing normal launch. The CLI is confusing me. It says (correctly) I have slot 1 programmed on my key (multiple 2FA creds for various sites), but I can't see any way of listing or using them.

Hello Mastodon! We are looking for a consultant to write some guides on how to protect yourself from online tracking.

So if you have technical experience on the topic, know github and markdown and are capable of writing easy to follow guides for non technical audience... this is for you!

Example of guides:

Terms of references and instructions to make a proposal:

Did you know that the Security Education Companion has a lesson plan builder? Organize your chosen lessons to prepare for your next security training opportunity.

If I were to have an in-home display for a installed, which had to be connected to my home , but claims to not access the internet, how could I verify this at the level?

Currently I have a guest network available which is blocked from having access to the . I suppose I could connect the display to this network and also block access to the internet...

I'm taking part in a survey for my company, and one of my recommendations is for home workers to be on the company (connected to our NAS) because our home network can't be guaranteed, we have to rely on storing data on a proprietary cloud storage site etc.

Please share your suggested arguments for (or against) VPN for all home workers.

I seemed to have gained a lot of followers recently! Thank you and welcome πŸ‘‹

For those that are new, you may not know that I've been nominated for the Noonie Awards. It's the last few days to vote, and if you could it would help me out so much!

PS. Sorry for the self promotion, I promise it doesn't happen too often πŸ˜‰

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