I had ~60GB going spare on my so figured I may as well make the most of it and set up for file sharing across my LAN. I'm allowing access only from mine and my partner's IPs (which are bound to our MACs) but I'm concerned the share isn't encrypted, so anyone could just walk up to the Pi and take out the SD. Any suggestions for securing shares?

My Xmas present is all set up with . Bonus points if you can guess which domains are currently top of the blocked list...

Anyone else using Mailfence for private and secure ? I used to use them as my primary before discovering @protonmail. I've recently paid for Mailfence account so I can set up SMTP on my site (lms.samhowell.uk). Haven't managed to get working yet, however...

Who enjoys irony?

My new course features learning about @torproject, their mission, how can be used to protect your , circumvent censorship etc.

As soon as one of my friends tries to enter the course on her company network, it's blocked due to torproject.org being in their 'Anonymizer Category'.

Is there any way to install add-ons/extensions like Origin or in Ungoogled ?

Or is there a decent tracker list like DDG's I can import into the JS blocking settings in some way? In want to harden Ungoogled Chromium as my backup browser.

Been stuck to my desk this past week but it's been worth it, and I'm edging closer to releasing my Digital Privacy Essentials course.

I now have a fresh install of LMS running on my server, and will be spending the next few days customising the theme and tweaking other settings.

I'll then wrap up the final unit of the course, test and upload, adding various activities and resources in the LMS, before announcing the full release.

If you're interested or just want to share some ideas/thoughts, let me know. Maybe we could all put our minds together in a chatroom or similar.

@moodlenet @privacyint @privacytools @eff @humanetech @fsfe @moznews @alt3 @dajbelshaw - 2/2

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Kim Kardashian and others boycotting *by not posting for 24 hours*.

You're doing it wrong.

Massive win for , their client Ed Bridges and : South Wales Police use of ruled unlawful in court of appeals: libertyhumanrights.org.uk/issu

Many thanks to everyone who got involved both legally and in petitioning.

Two birds, one stone. Wear a mask to increase your protection against both and . If we're lucky, they might not even try to fine us for covering our faces this time (bigbrotherwatch.org.uk/campaig). Fight . Fight . 😷 ✊

@privacyint @eff

Do you have a preferred technique for limiting mobile/cell phone tracking?

I made three new friends today, and the second introduced me to the third:
- add-on
- Preview

Does anyone host or on their own server? I feel this would be a great fallback for private , especially among family/friends (having full control of data, compared to, say, , which is centralised).

I also (still) want to try out , but the same old issue makes it difficult: network effect. I proposed trying it with some of my family (now finally on Signal). I got no response. I could almost hear them thinking, "Jeez, not again!"

If it wasn't clear already that cares more about money than its users' and , here you have it:

"Only our paid users will have access to end-to-end for their meetings."

Source: blog.zoom.us/wordpress/2020/05

Feels good to have just sent my first Freedom of Information Act () request to my home county council ().

I've asked whether is used; if so, how is the data handled/shared, and which locations/services is it used for. I think making such requests is a practice we should all get into.

Next, I want to ask about the video and audio that's captured on every bus I ride...

I'm welcome to other suggestions, especially regarding and use.

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