What provider do you use and why? I use DNS Watch by default as it's preset in and my modem. I was originally drawn to for its promises of and no , but I've since noticed all the bad press. I'm interested in OpenDNS and LibreDNS but it would be good to read some kind of in-depth comparison if one is available.

What type of course would you find most valuable? (Comment with any suggestions or other thoughts.)

What type of analytics would you be comfortable with as a visitor to a website?

I've now nuked and paved my 4B for the 4th time. By now I've learnt from experience that SDs aren't meant to last holding the entire filesystem. After another case of "Segmentation fault" (likely corrupted SD), I've moved the filesystem to a USB. Depending on performance, I may reattempt moving everything to a partition of a 1TB HDD being used primarily for .

This weekend, success =
- Steadily growing local media server
- Setting up connection to my for IP camera and Plex streaming
- Isolating work devices on the LAN
- Discovering no new issues (more to come, I'm sure).

For anyone interested in the tool I use for all my projects, it's called and I wrote a script to get you up and running quickly on or :

My various setups (primary machine, home etc.) seem to challenge me weekly, but the satisfaction of fixing issues and taking back control makes the stress worthwhile. I love , and every day is a school day. I recently repurposed an old 1TB HDD as a and want to try some kind of , but Netflix has become an expectation in the household. Share your / other self-hosting project ideas!

Now running minimal vanilla on my 4B for . Unfortunately I tried but failed to boot with root mounted to . After the third attempt's kernel panic due to "no working init found", I gave up. I now at least have swap disabled on and Pi-hole logs disabled. Any other tips for SD longevity?

📝 New post: 'Let's chat freelearning' -- samhowell.uk/blog/lets-chat-fr

"My vision for content was always – and largely still is – about raising awareness of, and educating people about, , , and free open source software ()..."

I've now created a public room at freelearningfoss:matrix.org -- My intention is to use this room to bring together anyone interested in contributing to made with . I may soon start a range of courses on subjects. Join the room and share your thoughts!

I've finally got round to setting up my @keyoxide profile. I really like the service so far, but was wondering if there was any plan to implement @libravatar (or other alternative) in place of . Thoughts?

I'm looking to set my partner up with a soft wallet for storing primarily . Personally I use a hard wallet, but want to see what the best options are for trusted, secure software on a machine running . Also need app options for .

Been stuck to my desk this past week but it's been worth it, and I'm edging closer to releasing my Digital Privacy Essentials course.

I now have a fresh install of LMS running on my server, and will be spending the next few days customising the theme and tweaking other settings.

I'll then wrap up the final unit of the course, test and upload, adding various activities and resources in the LMS, before announcing the full release.

interface renaming anyone? On multiple occasions I've had issues. For some reason my loopback interface is called "rename1". Support assures me this is normal/default config, but it just doesn't make sense to me. Why not "lo" for loopback, and why did it get renamed in the first place? Soon I'm just going to get rid and start fresh with trusty .

If you're interested or just want to share some ideas/thoughts, let me know. Maybe we could all put our minds together in a chatroom or similar.

@moodlenet @privacyint @privacytools @eff @humanetech @fsfe @moznews @alt3 @dajbelshaw - 2/2

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First time testing web for courses today. Now I can really appreciate the importance and added value of well-written alt text for images, having labels etc. I tested with the screen reader software .

Do you have any thoughts, tips or resources related to accessibility?

I would love to try flashing a with /#Libreboot at some point, but after seeing what it involves (flash plugs etc.), I'm not so sure I want to step any closer to the edge of that rabbit hole. I can already see the hours of trial and error and stress, with potentially nothing to show for it. I have a habit of putting too much on my plate...

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