First time testing web for courses today. Now I can really appreciate the importance and added value of well-written alt text for images, having labels etc. I tested with the screen reader software .

Do you have any thoughts, tips or resources related to accessibility?

I've joined @codeberg and will add my projects soon. I'm also keen to collaborate where I can on others' projects, so get in touch if you have any ideas! (At present I'm comfortable with , and , but I only know basic (actively learning).)

My priority project at the moment is still my course, and I recently developed my first custom theme (which you'll find at my and ).

To prepare for at work in the coming weeks, today I dove into beginner courses on , and templating. I'm frazzled. It's a big step going from and basic to ...

Send me your thoughts, tips and all the reassuring things, yes?

And on to the next unit I go for my course . This unit will be covering the 'defenders of digital rights' πŸ” ✊ , such as @privacyint @eff @torproject. :gnu:

Who wants to feature in the 'Why Privacy Matters' unit I'm working on for my course ? Just reply to this toot with your 'privacy pitch' - how you would explain to someone that matters. Any responses used will be anonymised and I will let you know if you're featured. Thanks!

I've reached a milestone with my course, . The course theme is complete and I'm giving it back to the community under a GPLv3 licence:

Hello all! I never did get round to doing a proper intro on my previous instance when joining Mastodon, so here goes:

I'm an based in the UK, passionate about , , and in general. Writing and editing is my speciality, but I also have a keen eye for design. I'm currently working on an elearning course called Digital Privacy Essentials, which will soon be free for everyone under CC licence (watch this space).

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