What type of course would you find most valuable? (Comment with any suggestions or other thoughts.)

For anyone interested in the tool I use for all my projects, it's called and I wrote a script to get you up and running quickly on or :

I've now created a public room at freelearningfoss:matrix.org -- My intention is to use this room to bring together anyone interested in contributing to made with . I may soon start a range of courses on subjects. Join the room and share your thoughts!

I was recently recommended tryhackme.com and I can confirm it's a brilliant site. I've been going down the rabbit hole recently and it's great to have a site like this with lots of interactive , a lot of which is free. I may even submit my own learning content someday.

Anyone else using Mailfence for private and secure ? I used to use them as my primary before discovering @protonmail. I've recently paid for Mailfence account so I can set up SMTP on my site (lms.samhowell.uk). Haven't managed to get working yet, however...

I'm pleased to announce my course is now live and free for all to access. If you're interested in taking the course, you have 2 OPTIONS:

1. Go to the URL provided below and log in as a guest. This is the easiest method, but will lack features like the ability to submit feedback and track your progress through the course. Guest access is only really meant for previewing content, and doesn't provide the full learner experience. So I recommend...

- 1/2

Been stuck to my desk this past week but it's been worth it, and I'm edging closer to releasing my Digital Privacy Essentials course.

I now have a fresh install of LMS running on my server, and will be spending the next few days customising the theme and tweaking other settings.

I'll then wrap up the final unit of the course, test and upload, adding various activities and resources in the LMS, before announcing the full release.

I'm really keen to get involved with the @debian Debian Academy platform, so I've joined the channel (-academy on ) and I'm hoping to contribute in any way with writing/dev/design/proofreading, using authoring and tools like and etc.

Imagine a site dedicated to educating people about ethical tech, privacy, digital rights and more: free interactive courses on freedom, built with free software...

1. What courses should be there?
2. Will you help me build them?

I'm working on what could be the @moodlenet @privacyint @eff @humanetech @fsfe @moznews @alt3 @dajbelshaw @privacytools - 1/4

First time testing web for courses today. Now I can really appreciate the importance and added value of well-written alt text for images, having labels etc. I tested with the screen reader software .

Do you have any thoughts, tips or resources related to accessibility?

I've joined @codeberg and will add my projects soon. I'm also keen to collaborate where I can on others' projects, so get in touch if you have any ideas! (At present I'm comfortable with , and , but I only know basic (actively learning).)

My priority project at the moment is still my course, and I recently developed my first custom theme (which you'll find at my and ).

To prepare for at work in the coming weeks, today I dove into beginner courses on , and templating. I'm frazzled. It's a big step going from and basic to ...

Send me your thoughts, tips and all the reassuring things, yes?

And on to the next unit I go for my course . This unit will be covering the 'defenders of digital rights' πŸ” ✊ , such as @privacyint @eff @torproject. :gnu:

Who wants to feature in the 'Why Privacy Matters' unit I'm working on for my course ? Just reply to this toot with your 'privacy pitch' - how you would explain to someone that matters. Any responses used will be anonymised and I will let you know if you're featured. Thanks!

I've reached a milestone with my course, . The course theme is complete and I'm giving it back to the community under a GPLv3 licence: gitlab.com/5am/adapt-freelearn

Hello all! I never did get round to doing a proper intro on my previous instance when joining Mastodon, so here goes:

I'm an based in the UK, passionate about , , and in general. Writing and editing is my speciality, but I also have a keen eye for design. I'm currently working on an elearning course called Digital Privacy Essentials, which will soon be free for everyone under CC licence (watch this space).

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