My Xmas present is all set up with . Bonus points if you can guess which domains are currently top of the blocked list...

Who enjoys irony?

My new course features learning about @torproject, their mission, how can be used to protect your , circumvent censorship etc.

As soon as one of my friends tries to enter the course on her company network, it's blocked due to being in their 'Anonymizer Category'.

Testing out the new Onion-Location feature in the latest @torproject Browser alpha release.

(Announce to your site's visitors that your site is also available at an onion address.)

Here's a configuration guide you can follow:

Current setup, featuring new Blackwidow Lite keyboard, but minus second monitor (I only have a VGA port left on my laptop and I'm not sure whether it will work combined with the mini-display-port-to-HDMI currently being used. Suggestions welcome.

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