Anyone here use ? I'd be interested to know your thoughts. I have a spare laptop and feel like trying it out. I love the idea of compartmentalisation and for maximum and , just don't know yet if I'd want to use it on a daily basis, and how it compares to just spinning up multiple VMs in .

I have used it, but not currently.
There's no other/better way to learn and experience it, then to use it.
Running everything isolated in VMs is very different then electing to use 'something' in a VM 'sometimes'.
Running everything in VMs is what makes it 'reasonably secure' (their 'slogan'), but ofc does come at a cost.

An important reason I stopped using it on my laptop was that I used it a lot for watching videos.
Qubes doesn't use HW acceleration, but all CPU, draining battery.

So far I've had no luck even installing it (due to X not starting, a common driver issue, I think), so I don't imagine I'll even get round to trying it, at least anytime soon. I think maybe for my purpose and threat model, and because I'm happy with my current setup, VirtualBox VMs are the probably the way to go.

They have a Hardware Compatibility List, so searching for "Qubes HCL <laptop-model>" may provide you some clues.
I am/was lucky as I have the exact (?) same laptop model as the lead maintainer :)

You can try the Mailing List and/or IRC ( I've found they are or at least try to be helpful. Which can also mean "yeah, that's not gonna work".

I think #Qubes is amazing, but critical wrt hardware and not easy, at first at least, bc it requires you to think differently.

@syntax I feel like Qubes is for Snowden privacy/security level needs, if you use any Linux distro with some understanding on permissions and networking that you are very solid ground in terms of privacy and security. If you also need anonymity use Tor browser or OSes that route everything trough Tor such are Whonix or Tails. Qubes needs good hardware to be usable, I might use it when I get good PC.

Very true. The only thing stopping me from trying it is hardware. And I agree, it's not necessary for most use cases.

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