I've taken the plunge and decided to make my full-time , for as well as writing. I was always happy with but I've had enough of the painful performance I get from running it alongside other necessary apps. Let me know your Vim plugin recommendations for development with mostly , Less and .

@syntax For a good start, I'd advise to keep the plug-in list as short as possible, because most plugins only re-implement an existing functionality and will prevent you from learning Vim itself.

That said, some plugins are good to have:
vim-plug for plug-in management:
itchyny/lightline for a nice status line;
junegun/fzf.vim for an efficient fuzzy file & tags search;
any color theme you fancy;
optionally, neoclide/coc.nvim for language server interaction.

@syntax I'm using Vim for years with Ale and YouCompleteMe for developing web apps (HTML, CSS/SASS, JavaScript/TypeScript), but thought about switching to vim-lsp instead...

@dubst3pp4 @syntax i made the lsp switch a few years back and it's pretty glorious.

@dubst3pp4 @syntax I cheat and use neovim for lsp. you don't need any of that there. regular vim still needs lots of extras

@syntax I once thought as you did. The problem with vim (and me) is that I spent so much time configuring and hunting for the perfect setup that I didn't actually do anything with it most of the time.
When I realized that I switched to IDEs that have good functionality out of the box and offer vim support. That works very well for me and I feel much more productive that way.

@TheDoctor That's a good point, and I have been known to get sucked into that trap of obsessing over configs, but luckily I tend to stop once I'm genuinely happy with things. It was similar with my i3wm config.

@syntax But why stop at i3? There are so many others to try and configure. Bspwm, dwm, herbstluftwm, xmonad, all of them arguably better 😛

But then it goes back to the previous point about avoiding spending too long on setup. Since discovering i3 and becoming familiar with it and making it my daily driver I don't feel I'm missing out on anything. I will check out your suggestions though. Hadn't heard of them before.

@syntax Welcome to the rabbit hole that is window managers, editors, configs and a never ending stream of neat stuff...

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