What provider do you use and why? I use DNS Watch by default as it's preset in and my modem. I was originally drawn to for its promises of and no , but I've since noticed all the bad press. I'm interested in OpenDNS and LibreDNS but it would be good to read some kind of in-depth comparison if one is available.

Thanks Freddy. Always a joy to check out the suggestions on PrivacyTools. It's such a well-put-together collection of resources. I'm curious about why DNS Watch is missing from PT's recommendations, and what the criteria is.

I use one of the DNS servers listed at servers.opennic.org/
See opennic.org/ for more info on the project itself.

EDIT to add:
Found this at the bottom of the homepage of LibreDNS:
"We use a local resolver for the DNS requests. We use OpenNIC as our Tier 1."

@syntax @ilyess with pihole, I added Unbound and have been happy so far.

@jrn @syntax Nice. Have you configured it to run DNS over TLS or over HTTPS?

@syntax I'm trying Cleanbrowsing.org with #stubby, it has filters depending of your needs, and doesn't store logs, data, ip or DNS requests, it seems good at time... Maybe I mistake here, but I didn't find anything bad about them at the moment..

Some blocklists from Pi-hole default setup and more I found on the net + Quad9 as an upstream DNS server.
Pi-hole did not work for me, so I made a similar setup with some other software.

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