I've now nuked and paved my 4B for the 4th time. By now I've learnt from experience that SDs aren't meant to last holding the entire filesystem. After another case of "Segmentation fault" (likely corrupted SD), I've moved the filesystem to a USB. Depending on performance, I may reattempt moving everything to a partition of a 1TB HDD being used primarily for .

@syntax my dirtbag move would be to leave /boot on the sdcard, but put everything else on two USB sticks set up RAID1.

@syntax I've been hosting filesystem for years now on Samsung SD Card (Rpi3B) that is working 24/7. Did you by any chance used torrents directly on the SD card? It kills cards in an instant

Wow, that's impressive it's lasted so long running 24/7 (presumably with constant read/write for logs, journal etc?) Mine is just running a Plex server and Pi-hole. Swap was always turned off too, but after every new install I found it took a few weeks before I got Segmentation Faults. I've now moved the filesystem to a 400GB HDD partition, so fingers crossed I should have no more issues.

@syntax mine got EmulationStation + Kodi + Shairport. Not much r/w operations daily as Kodi stuff is on NAS. It had torrent client as well, but it killed SD cards.

I bet logs kill your SD card as it's a ton of small operations -> the worst thing for the SD card.

For the future life of your SD cards: Create a ram disk, collect 100MB of logs in the RAM disk and dump logs to SD Card in 100MB chunks, instead of constant ~10kb R/W operations :)

Or simply point loggers to network storage.

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