Since switching to a minimal install for my 4, I've been pleased with the overall performance, and it's now also running .

I do miss the easy config of my fan. Previously I easily set it to come on when the CPU reached 55Β°C, but I can't figure out how to target it manually from the . I'm happy to write a for the task of monitoring and triggering the power. But I can't do that until I figure out the commands.

Any ideas?

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Do you hava Python on it?
If so you could even controll the speed with pwm

Yeah should be Python installed (if not, I could easily install it). Is pwm a module?

It's basicaly, fast on and off switching, with a variable on part (0-100%) allowing you to control the fan speed.
But the pi can only switch the 3v3 pins and only with some mA. So i soldered a transistor etc. to switch the 5v supply. You can easily find such circuits on the net.

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