Why can I not seem to find any online stores for -free which aren't using and which accept without relying on services like ?

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@syntax You can find any DRM free ebook stores at all? I guess it really depends on the kinds of ebooks you are looking at but most publishers are resistant to DRM free at all - let alone all the other conditions you specified. The only DRM free ebook store I use is - but, that is a very niche demographic of books.

@tilduke There are plenty out there, but so many seem to run services which immediately put me off, such as GA. Payment isn't too much of an issue as I can always pay with prepaid card (I prefer to pay anonymously if possible).

@syntax It is annoying. The answer is money. They make more money by renting and ensuring you cannot share your books with friends as well as getting revenue from intelligence collectors. A few stores such as allow you to buy outright without DRM rather than rent. It is often possible to remove the DRM from EPUB's with something like Calibre, but it is a hassle. I recently made refund my purchase after finding I had to use their spying app.

@krock Yep, I have Calibre and think it's a great tool. For most of my years being a serious reader I've preferred printed books, but I like the idea of getting back into ebooks. I have an old Kindle Paperwhite (which I keep off all networks and on airplane mode so it can't phone home to Amazon). Soon I might put some time aside to work on a personal ebook library (with the help of Calibre).

@krock @syntax Been trying to strip the DRM from my ebooks but so far I was unsuccessful. In the future I'll just avoid any DRM I think, I just bought those books because I wasn't aware this is a thing

@syntax I have sources for public domain stuff but for modern works that are DRM free I'm not sure. I'd be surprised if there wasn't any.

@syntax does that also include websites listed by the @libreture project?
This is a real question: I never had the occasion to check them yet.

@silmathoron @syntax

I'd think any ebookshop that accepts cryptocurrency would either be using a merchant service like Shopify, etc, and would end up accepting through a third-party service from a plug-in. Or would be quite a tech-literate site that had somehow rolled their own, that went straight to their own wallet or something.

Either way, very limited support, I'd expect.

Same goes for Google Analytics. I use Plausible on ScarletFerret, but otherwise, it would be up to the shop platform.

I can't even find any store that sells German #eBooks without demanding my name and my home address.

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