What the F*** is doing in my Pi's apt sources list. This is some bitter irony - I use this almost exclusively for . I was wondering what all the hype was about recently and now it's clear. Where can I find out more about why this has happened and what, if anything, is being done about it?

@syntax nothing is being done about it other than people moving from raspbian to debian

@Stellar I'm sure I'll do the same once I can fix my SD filesystem/storage corruption issue.

@Stellar Yep, I use my Pi 24/7, albeit for nothing too heavy. Nevertheless, something is clearly not right with it. I'm going to have to look into mounting filesystem onto SSD or m.2 as a safer, more reliable method. I have a spare m.2 but no adapter, so looks like for now I'll need to try the SSD via USB method.

@syntax yeah, sd cards are somewhat unreliable when you have a operating system on it :/ i wish we could have tiny tiny SD-card shaped ssd

@Stellar @syntax I saw on a thread today that Alpine by default ran off of the RAM. Tho the author didn't incllude details.

@cadadr @syntax in debian you can boot to ram too, but i'm afraid the raspberry PI's don't have enough ram to fit debian (i might be wrong! its worth trying out)

@cadadr @Stellar @syntax I have an RPi3 with Alpine and I expect it to run forever because of this. Still have to test Alpine on a RPi1 to see how it is too.

@joshbdoc @Stellar @syntax Is your setup available online? I'd love to give it a look.

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