What the F*** is doing in my Pi's apt sources list. This is some bitter irony - I use this almost exclusively for . I was wondering what all the hype was about recently and now it's clear. Where can I find out more about why this has happened and what, if anything, is being done about it?

@syntax You mean there is some microsoft URL in the /etc/apt/sources.list file? Which distro, is it plain debian or something else?

@eliasr Raspbian has added "", mainly for VS Code, I think. The main cause for concern being that 1) They didn't tell anyone this would happen (as far as I know) and 2) Microsoft knows (and collects data about) every time you run `apt update` etc. with that list enabled.

@selea Yeah, that's probably the sad truth: it comes down to money. I really didn't expect this sort of thing to happen, but it just goes to show seemingly the most principled groups out there can drop a bombshell like this.

@syntax @selea I'm not sure that many folks would call "in bed with Broadcom since day 1" principled (:

(It's never truly been an open platform; it's GAINING on this now, but there are far, far more open arm devices. They just aren't in every store. Likely due to "principles." (: )

@syntax @selea Their rationale is they wanted to distribute VS Code specifically and they couldn't distribute it otherwise. VSCodium wouldn't cut it bc some proprietrary Microsoft extensions aren't supported.

Personally I don't care about "what's behind this" bc in and of itself, it's very sloppy maintenance, terrible response to community, and really, TIMTOWDI. I'd be pretty pissed even if this was some GNU repo. It's bad to sneakily add third party binary package repos regardless of source.

@syntax nothing is being done about it other than people moving from raspbian to debian

@Stellar I'm sure I'll do the same once I can fix my SD filesystem/storage corruption issue.

@Stellar Yep, I use my Pi 24/7, albeit for nothing too heavy. Nevertheless, something is clearly not right with it. I'm going to have to look into mounting filesystem onto SSD or m.2 as a safer, more reliable method. I have a spare m.2 but no adapter, so looks like for now I'll need to try the SSD via USB method.

@syntax yeah, sd cards are somewhat unreliable when you have a operating system on it :/ i wish we could have tiny tiny SD-card shaped ssd

@Stellar @syntax I saw on a thread today that Alpine by default ran off of the RAM. Tho the author didn't incllude details.

@cadadr @syntax in debian you can boot to ram too, but i'm afraid the raspberry PI's don't have enough ram to fit debian (i might be wrong! its worth trying out)

@cadadr @Stellar @syntax I have an RPi3 with Alpine and I expect it to run forever because of this. Still have to test Alpine on a RPi1 to see how it is too.

@joshbdoc @Stellar @syntax Is your setup available online? I'd love to give it a look.

This is the first I've heard of it, but it's a worry...


wtf... have to check mine as soon as I'm back home 😱

@syntax I haven't found it in my raspbian btw. Don't remember with this one, but usually I start with a debootstrap, to get a nice, clean system.

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