I think it's time I tried ... I watched a video intro to it made by one of my favourite new video content creators, : invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=

@syntax ohyeah. never regretted that. it's a great tool for personal automation and for creating processes collaboratively. once sysadmin task is code, it can be our code, to be modified and improved :) also, there is debops.org - a great project that manages a very well maintained set of roles, building on ansible and debian, which is my kind of sysadmin commons :)

Sounds good. To be honest I won't be using Ansible heavily as I only manage two of my own VPSs for things like Nextcloud, my website etc. But it would be good to know I could easily automate setup if something went wrong and I needed to spin up a new VPS.

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