My Xmas present is all set up with . Bonus points if you can guess which domains are currently top of the blocked list...

@anon_les @syntax Although I would guess Facebook because blocking everything Google can render websites or devices nonfunctional depending on you use case.

Overall so far after approx 24 hours, with 6 devices using Pi-hole, graph.instagram. com is leading with 197 hits, courtesy of my partner who uses Facebook, Instagram etc.

@anon_les @syntax Where is the difference between using it now as opposed to using it in 2019 or so?

@TheDoctor @syntax i mean...first of all that was sarcasm lmfao second of all why would we use facebook when we got mastodon lol

@anon_les @syntax We probably wouldn't but basically everyone else on the planet does that's why I was asking.
By the way mastodon is a poor substitute for Facebook :P

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