I hope you'll all be tuning in to watch et al this evening, for @torproject 's next . Looking forward to it.

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@syntax @torproject oh nice! Can you toot when this is starting? Trump should pardon this guy so he can come home. Nice find πŸ™‚


@Wetrix Unfortunately I think Trump of all people would never pardon him, but maybe Biden will see sense sometime soon...

@syntax maybe. We still don't even know if Biden is going to be president. SCOTUS is getting involved and 20 states are now sueing 4 others. 😬

@Wetrix @syntax just because Snowden will get pardoned doesn't mean he won't get arrested and thrown into prison as im sure the American gov will find a way.

@lnx @syntax I doubt it tbh. He would be to high profile at that point to just lock away on some bogus claim.

I mean come on, OJ is still walking around a free man πŸ†“πŸŠπŸ€£

@Wetrix @syntax yeah but America doesn't forgive people that give away its secrets. I doubt snow would want to go back to America either.

Lol are you a gentoo user? I would never have pegged you for a gentoo user.
@syntax @torproject

@nikolal @mistermonster @torproject @syntax 😳

OK I'm lost how did this go from talking about foss to gentoo then? β˜ƒοΈ

We still are talking about foss, but don't use gentoo anyway (just teasing, no need to put a lot of thought into this). @syntax will you toot when it goes live?
@mistermonster @torproject @syntax

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