I'm looking to set my partner up with a soft wallet for storing primarily . Personally I use a hard wallet, but want to see what the best options are for trusted, secure software on a machine running . Also need app options for .

#BitcoinCore is probably the best option, but not finance advice. Takes up hundreds of GB of space because you need to DL the whole blockchain to use it.

The #bitcoinDotOrg website have tended to be very strict with the wallet recomendations that they make on their site in the past. Never heard a single error about their judgements on wallets.

@syntax theres exodus avalible for Ubuntu. Its a pretty handy wallet that supports multiple cryptos

Yeah I recently remembered that was the one I used to use. I remember it being good. What licence is it under? Couldn't find it when I last looked.

@syntax im not too sure about the license or if it changed recently but the wallet is still up for download as far as I know. Coins have been increasing lately too.

@syntax electrum wallet is the best option for Ubuntu.

Bitcoin Core (QT) is likely technically the best, but maybe not the most user friendly.
Electrum is really good and user friendly. For better privacy, you can connect it to (f.e.) Electrum Personal Server running in your own LAN.

For iOS you can consider Blockstream Green wallet (also available on F-Droid for android)

When #Blockstream took over #GreenWallet they chose to do a complete rewrite.

They didn't conduct themselves very well and neglected to answer questions from the #bitcoinDotOrg team, which led to them not returning to their wallet recommendations list.

Its a shame.

The last version of #GreenWallet on BitcoinDotOrg was 2.07

We are told by a source we trust that it still works fine despite it being from 2018.


@dsfgs @syntax
bitcoindotorg is not a reputable site anymore in my opinion and I trust Lawrence Nahum (main dev of Blockstream Green) way more then the ppl behind bitcoindotorg. listing BitPay as a wallet f.e. is an instant disqualifier in my book.

Version on f-droid is 3.4.2 and one should use the latest version.

Thanks for your perseptive, will pass this on for consideration.

It did seem strange that the Blockstream team didn't answer basic questions from bitcoinDotOrg. It was as though they didn't care to be included on their site anymore. We remember needing to look into it.

Having said that if there's not been any reported security breaches in two years, one may also assume that it has been put through its paces, so to speak.


@dsfgs @syntax
> It was as though they didn't care to be included on their site anymore.

That may very well be correct.

One of the (two) owners of the domain name seemed more interested in making money off the domain name, then to provide objective good quality info. Many reputable people subsequently distanced themselves from the site and stopped contributing.

The other day when we visited they had a banner asking for support. It was weird because they are supposedly #bitcoiners, which implies… …certain things.

If they are getting confused they need to find a way to reign that in.

One of the main gripes we have with the site is its served by #Cloudflare.

Funny how most #bitcoinExchanges are also now Cloudflare and today traders are complaining about #outages. *wink*

#bitcoin #frontRunning #centralisation


Thanks both for your input. I think we'll go for Exodus, for lack of a better software wallet which supports various coins, integrated trading etc. I just wish it was fully . Personally I use a but my partner wants a free option and is more concerned about convenience, features and ease of use.

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