Is there any way to install add-ons/extensions like Origin or in Ungoogled ?

Or is there a decent tracker list like DDG's I can import into the JS blocking settings in some way? In want to harden Ungoogled Chromium as my backup browser.

@syntax I have #uMatrix installed on Ungoogled #Chromium. It's a slight hassle b/c the normal installation process does not work due to #Google blocking. The procedure is documented on the #UngoogledChromium repo

@nikolal @syntax no idea.. i'm not even sure if maintenance is needed. It works as it always has

Well they always need some maintenance since things tend to change, especially in browser development. I don't know if uMatrix is flawed in some way but maintainer of uMatrix archived repo on Github with last commit on April. I also used uMatrix but I recommend using some other alternative such is NoScript

That was exactly my thought too. I used uMatrix but when I heard about the stopping of maintenance I switched to uBlock and NoScript. I used to use NoScript anyway and have always liked its simplicity.

@syntax @nikolal the problem with #noScript is that it often refuses to work, giving "This is a privileged page, whose permissions cannot be configured."

I didn't have that experience. Only pages where I got that prompt is for extension setup pages and blank page

@syntax Isn't there like an extensions store for chromium? Or can't you just download something like an xpi file?

@syntax might be just alot easier to pick a different backup browser 😊

@syntax Download the extension from github (and unzip), go to chrome://extensions/, enable Developer mode, load extension from directory

@syntax You can. There are two was to do it, the easy way, and the proper way. The easy way is enable MIME requests in chrome://flags then go to crxtractor and type in the URL of the plugin you want, it will then give you the option to install it. The proper way involves getting the google crx install link and appending your version number and plugin ID. If you want to follow this route let me know and I'll reply with the necessary URL.

It seems I was able to simply download the source from respective repos, unzip, enable developer mode in chromium then just drag the extracted folder into the extensions area. Both uBlock Origin and NoScript seem to be running fine now.

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