Imagine a site dedicated to educating people about ethical tech, privacy, digital rights and more: free interactive courses on freedom, built with free software...

1. What courses should be there?
2. Will you help me build them?

I'm working on what could be the @moodlenet @privacyint @eff @humanetech @fsfe @moznews @alt3 @dajbelshaw @privacytools - 1/4

If you're interested or just want to share some ideas/thoughts, let me know. Maybe we could all put our minds together in a chatroom or similar.

@moodlenet @privacyint @privacytools @eff @humanetech @fsfe @moznews @alt3 @dajbelshaw - 2/2

Well, my course is nearing completion, so I'll have a good example of the sort of content I have in mind. I intend to post screenshots, demos etc. soon. Then who knows what next... That's what I'd like to discuss with people. I'd love to work on a course with others who could offer their own skills, whether that be content, design or development.

@syntax for a while I made a living by delivering courses on copyright law, libre licensing, privacy, FLOSS, digital human rights, and broadly speaking philosophy around that.

Would need to refresh my knowledge esp. about copyright, but yeah, sounds interesting.

@rysiek Cool. My dream is to basically do what I do now (elearning writer/developer), but to be able to focus solely on courses on FLOSS, privacy, digital rights etc. If you'd like to consider working on a future course (e.g. FLOSS, maybe an intro to GNU/Linux or something similar), we could maybe get together in a chatroom and scope the project. I can also discuss further the software I use (Adapt), the LMS (Moodle) etc.

@syntax @rysiek Cool Idea! I can imagine that a training catalog around Ethical Tech/Digital Rights etc. would be interesting for young political movements - we were just looking for an information security course for our union, for example. I am curious to see what you are currently working on. Count me in

@alt3 Great, I'll send links once the course is ready and hosted on my LMS (with free guest access).

@syntax @moodlenet @privacyint @privacytools @eff @humanetech @fsfe @moznews @alt3 @dajbelshaw Sam, we'd LOVE to help your effort by providing a platform (all #FOSS, as I said) for the sort of materials you describe (you may find that we're already providing some of it, but would definitely appreciate your contributions!!

@lightweight Brilliant! I will make a note to send you links once my course is finished and hosted on my LMS. My plan is to share the source files with anyone who wants them, as well as host it on Moodle with guest access.

@syntax @lightweight If your goal is to support learners how to learn on the internet, an LMS is not an authentic environment. Liberate your teaching using a range of online #FOSS tools rather than constraining learning to a single app 😉

I'd say the goal would be closer to educating people on tech-relatwd topics rather than how to learn online. The LMS and the interactive learning units aren't the whole picture. There will be plenty of additional resources like links, activities etc, and I try to write about such topics in blog form on my own website when I get the time.

@syntax @moodlenet @privacyint @privacytools @eff @humanetech @fsfe @moznews @alt3 @dajbelshaw if it's useful, you'd be welcome to have your conversation on our Rocket.Chat - includes access to our BigBlueButton (#FOSS Zoom alternative).

Thanks. Ideally I'd like to get a room set up in Element/Gitter as that's where I chat with the rest of the Learning community (Adapt is the software I use to create my courses). I'm also looking forward to trying @moodlenet once it's ready for the masses.

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