To all devs, I'm an experienced and , so please get in touch if you need my (free) services (e.g. for ). I'll happily give as much time as I can spare.

@syntax That's a great offer. 😀 Since English is not my first language, the offer is more than welcome. 😇

@syntax well, I could really use somebody looking at:

And helping me make it more readable/understandable.

Problem is, this is using technologies that even many web developers are not yet familiar with, so it's really hard to convey what it does, and how.

Taking a brief look at the copy I can see it's well written, but there are a few things (mostly minor grammatical) which could easily be fixed. I could take a closer look if you'd like and create a PR? Let me know your thoughts.

@syntax PR most welcome, thank you! :) I was thinking also about taking a step back and perhaps making it more readable to non-techies. On the fence if that's what's needed, need a reality check on that (hence asking).

@rysiek It's a good idea. I think well written and easily digestible documentation is really important for software, especially when it's on the technical side.

While some users may be able to quickly grasp what's going on, others may be put off if they can't get to grips with how to use it. It's a fine balance, I suppose.

If I have any other broader suggestions while I'm looking through it, I'll be sure to let you know.

@rysiek Hi, I went to fork your samizdat project but I'm not sure there's a way as it appears to be protected... Is it also on

@syntax humm, interesting. The project is public and there should be no issues with forking, as long as you're logged-in to Do you have an account there?

If so, and it still doesn't work, happy to add you as a project member.

Ah that will be why. I don't have an account there yet. Will do this soon.

@rysiek Hi, I've been doing some work on my fork of the Samizdat repo, and have pushed a couple of commits. The first has a status of "deploy:failed" and the most recent has a status of "deploy:pending" with a label saying "stuck". I'm not very familiar with pipelines etc., so I just wanted to ask if you know what the issues are here.

@syntax nice! The changes look great, thank you!

Yeah, you don't have a runner enabled for the CI/CD stuff, so no runner picks up the job and it times out after a while.

You can disable CI/CD for your project:

Alternatively, I could set you up with a dedicated runner deploying to a subdirectory of

Or, I could make you a project member and you could make your changes directly in a branch.

Whichever works best!

@rysiek Thanks, sounds good, although admittedly I think my contributions will be rather limited as I'm not experienced with many of the concepts/tools used in this project. I'm more familiar with basic frontend dev (HTML/CSS/basic JS), as well as proofreading/copy editing. For now I'll aim to finish up some more frontend changes and create a merge request soon. I like the sound of the project by the way!

@syntax 👌🏾

I need to jump back into it; been focusing on other things, but in 4 weeks I have a talk about it at #HOPE2020, and a tech demo at #RightsCon2020.

Your contributions could not have come at a better time! :blobaww:

@rysiek Great, I'd be interested in seeing/hearing the talk and demo! Will it be virtual or in-person? (Who knows what the COVID situation will be like in 4 weeks!)

That's a generous offer, thank you! My (a web service which monitors a lot of (not only) linux package repositories) project could really use your help. There are a dozen single paragraph description texts and a few larger doc pages.

Repository with HTML templates:

@AMDmi3 Sounds good. I'll make a note and try to take a look sometime soon.

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