Hello @codeberg, this is a special gratitude for your awesome service. I am a satisfied user.

Hello Dr Roy @schestowitz, thanks, you are the inspiration of this article.

With respect to everyone,

Let's help people quit #Github and find a good code hosting.

Let's share #FreeSoftware #OpenSource and help more people #DeleteGitHub and spread #Privacy and make #Programming more fun for everybody.

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Been meaning to join Codeberg for a while. I'm currently happy with GitLab, but yes we should definitely be pushing use of better, freer alternatives.
@codeberg @schestowitz

@syntax @ademalsasa @codeberg @schestowitz I'm also interested but at the moment gitlab CI is the reason why I'm not switching. Are there (decentralized) alternatives for that, that are equally embedded into the platform?

@der_On @schestowitz @codeberg @ademalsasa @syntax it's a bad idea to use gitlab.com. See dev.lemmy.ml/post/30312/commen. OTOH, there is nothing wrong with using framagit.org or git.jami.net (#gitlab instances for the free world)

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @schestowitz @codeberg @ademalsasa @syntax I've run my own gitlab instance for many years, but it soon outgrown me and the number of projects I needed to host on it. You need a really powerfull server and maintain it very good together with a good backup strategy. I'm very open to ethical alternatives or gitlab hosters that do not grind my wallet.

@der_On one good news came from the @fsf as they planned to make an ethical code hosting alternative: fsf.org/blogs/sysadmin/coming-.

"... (FSF) is planning to launch a public code hosting and collaboration platform ("forge"), to launch in 2020. "


@syntax thank you very much Sam Howell for sharing! And yes, I agree we should be pushing better alternatives to #GitHub.

@codeberg @schestowitz

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