Who wants to feature in the 'Why Privacy Matters' unit I'm working on for my course ? Just reply to this toot with your 'privacy pitch' - how you would explain to someone that matters. Any responses used will be anonymised and I will let you know if you're featured. Thanks!

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@syntax I wrote an article that I like to read to people if possible.

I also tell them to read books about privacy (depending on who I'm talking to) such as 1984, Animal Farm, Permanent Record .

Watching some of the Snowden documentaries is also advisable.

@freddyym Thanks. Do you mind if I quote a section of this article in the unit I'm working on?

@syntax Privacy matters because when you don't have it it's like someone is watching you 24/7. Have you ever used your phone in the bathroom? Well, someone is watching you doing your "business". If they want, they can share that data to anyone.

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