All v3 onion addresses offline:

"It appears that somebody has made their own #Tor client implementation and it fetches its dir info in a very rude way. If anybody knows details of it, please do let us know."

#introductions #introduction

Hi everyone! I'm brand new to the fediverse, but really happy I finally got around to joining.

I'll describe myself as a husband & father first, but after that as a geek w/ 20y of software development behind me and at least 20 more in ahead. I live in snowy Helsinki.

I'm of course interested in FOSS, but also #degrowth , #philosophy , #climatecrisis , #smalltechnology but most importantly endlessly curious about the world and people in general. :)

I had ~60GB going spare on my so figured I may as well make the most of it and set up for file sharing across my LAN. I'm allowing access only from mine and my partner's IPs (which are bound to our MACs) but I'm concerned the share isn't encrypted, so anyone could just walk up to the Pi and take out the SD. Any suggestions for securing shares?

Breaking: UK judge rules against extradition of Assange to US #AssangeCase

My Xmas present is all set up with . Bonus points if you can guess which domains are currently top of the blocked list...

15 minutes really worth watching for all us #privacy "nerds":

Whoever says not having tapped into a single of the mentioned "traps": I don't believe you.

And well does he have a nice way to make all the points – and to show how to make it better. Brilliant. Thanks a lot for this, @techlore

Privacy Advocacy done right πŸ‘

Greetings! My name is Daniel - I’m a mostly self-taught software engineer based in the US. I write code primarily in Go, C, or C++ and use Plan 9, OpenBSD, or Linux depending on the day. You can see what I’m working on at

I just made my first meaningful pull request to an actively developed FOSS project :D I implemented tap-to-reset for the wasp-os pedometer app.

It was a LOT of researching and finding out how the libraries work but I'm proud of what I was able to do...not knowing C or python XD

Anyone have some resources for someone who's used to loosely typed languages who's looking to get into C?

Python resources also accepted :3

Hello, ThinkPad friends!

Do you know about @kev's #100DaysToOffload challenge[1]? It's very interesting.

What do you think if there is a similar challenge but to write about #ThinkPad topics instead of other topics? The result will be perhaps many ThinkPad articles from many persons? With less stricter rules perhaps. I'd like to hear your comments.


Mentions: @claudiom @michel_slm @rgggn @syntax @mw @myTerminal @kzimmermann @nitrokey @vfrmedia @maxamillion

I've just about had it trying to run on a spare/travel 100S. (Currently having issues with battery not being detected.) I'm almost set investing in another second-hand (my daily driver). Any recommendations for ethical stores shipping Lenovos sans Windows? I'm only after 4GB RAM, ideally lightweight and small.

Concerned about Co-op's decision to deploy invasive facial recognition tech and its creeping roll out across the UK?

Our friends @BigBrotherWatch have a tool to help make your voice heard! πŸ–ŠοΈπŸ–ŠοΈ


RT from Gabriel Weinberg (@yegg)

Instead of "bringing people together," Facebook has torn societies apart.

It's a privacy nightmare: Internet surveillance + anti-competitive acquisitions/tactics = filter bubbles, discrimination, polarization, etc.

Facebook was never going to fix itself.

Original tweet :

New project released: the #keyoxide cli is now available through #npm πŸŽ‰

Details at

Verifying identities is now as simple as running 'keyoxide verify' in the terminal.

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