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Delighted to announce @EFF will be switching to the DuckDuckGo Smarter Encryption dataset in their HTTPS Everywhere extension!

If you're a user, the update will happen automatically giving you broader protection. You can also get it in our app/extension.

Original tweet :

What type of analytics would you be comfortable with as a visitor to a website?

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Let's make a colour together! <3


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Drafting a comprehensive email signature snippet that is #standards based, including contacts for WWW, postal mail, TZ, email, phone, Matrix, etc.

How to include a #Mastodon account? #Fediverse #ActivityPub

I've now nuked and paved my 4B for the 4th time. By now I've learnt from experience that SDs aren't meant to last holding the entire filesystem. After another case of "Segmentation fault" (likely corrupted SD), I've moved the filesystem to a USB. Depending on performance, I may reattempt moving everything to a partition of a 1TB HDD being used primarily for .

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鈥淗ey EFF, can you recommend a specific VPN?鈥 No, but鈥 here鈥檚 a lesson plan on how to talk about VPNs (and why it鈥檚 hard to recommend a specific one) from the Security Education Companion.

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Hey guys, Thunderbird is STILL hiring developers. You can help modernize an application used by ~20,000,000 people and growing!

The open source community can make something better than Outlook, but only if folks come and build it.

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For the first time ever, we're asking for your input on how EFF can improve our membership and community outreach. If you're a current EFF member, check your email for a message from us!

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GitHub, f*ck your name change.. Tech industry be whilin. | by MooseyAnon | Mar, 2021 | Medium -

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Ordered myself a replacement battery for my X230 #thinkpad since mine is at 33% of it's original capacity, a little nervous to buy a third party one but they seem like they might be trustworthy, Green Cell, has anyone had any bad experiences with them?

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#Keyoxide 2.5.0 just launched with support for #matrix and #irc identity verification 馃帀

More communication platforms!

Details can be found in the blog post:

#decentralized #identity #encryption #openpgp #pgp #gpg

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New jobs available at Raspberry Pi Foundation which might suit some you based in the UK that are looking for a new position:

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Not long ago, the idea that western govts were engaging in illegal surveillance programs was widely dismissed.

Then we found out it was true 鈥 but nothing changed.

What seems impossibly dystopian, is possible.

It's up to us to stop it.

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Hey guys, just a little update: this still hasn't changed.

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Session runs on a decentralised network of community-run nodes, meaning:

- It can't be easily censored.
- It can't be taken down, even by us.
- It can't hand over your data, even to us.

But did you know that the network grows in size and strength every day?

1500 incoming! 馃コ

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7 tracks of #techno and #electro performed mostly live on a mix of commercial and #DIY synthesizers, recorded to #cassette . my homemade modular synth is used throughout, lots of crunchy analog sounds.

Available on Bandcamp:

CC-BY - Free to use, remix, etc,

馃攣 Please boost if you know anybody who likes this sort of thing :-) 馃攣
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