Now that I'm using , using for isn't possible (the Aurora Store workaround works so far as getting the app installed, but then it throws an error when you try to open it).

I *really* want to get numbers in the app to work as a VoIP solution, but I've had no success so far. (The last time I tried, my Twilio account was suspended for some reason.)

Anyone know of any good Twilio/Linphone VoIP setup tutorials?

RT from PINE64 (@thepine64)

A small number of #PinePhone @UBports CE is available in the PINE Store for purchase (DHL shipping only). Here is your chance to pick one up and have it shipped soon.

Store link:

Original tweet :

I'd love it if and apps could work together. I even tried Netguard with PVPN disconnected but Netguard still just blocked all connections.

Next Wednesday we'll present Open Tech Will Save Us #4, featuring, all-around privacy, P2P and decentralisation fan, who will discuss the decentralized social media ecosystem that they're working on!

Does anyone host or on their own server? I feel this would be a great fallback for private , especially among family/friends (having full control of data, compared to, say, , which is centralised).

I also (still) want to try out , but the same old issue makes it difficult: network effect. I proposed trying it with some of my family (now finally on Signal). I got no response. I could almost hear them thinking, "Jeez, not again!"

I love from as it allows add-ons and other customisation (except, sadly, dark mode). But there are two things in particular that really annoy me:

1. The 'Quit' feature does indeed delete browsing data, but the app *doesn't actually quit*, so has to be manually swiped away;

2. Private tabs have to be manually opened every time; there appears to be no way to automatically open one when the app first launches.

Please tell me if I'm missing a trick here...

The EU has signalled a deeper investigation of the Google/Fitbit deal (paywall)

This is good news, but we also need consumer pressure to stop the deal going ahead, so please sign our petition to the @EU_Commission


Hi folks! 9 years ago (to the day), the late Aaron Swartz made the first commit to SecureDrop, which was then called DeadDrop. Today the project is used by >70 media orgs around the world.

It's an open source whistleblower submission platform that uses the Tor network to protect source anonymity. We're also working on a next-generation integrated workstation for journalists based on Qubes OS:

We're happy to be here! #introductions

escapism and mental health, anime 

I would love to try flashing a with /#Libreboot at some point, but after seeing what it involves (flash plugs etc.), I'm not so sure I want to step any closer to the edge of that rabbit hole. I can already see the hours of trial and error and stress, with potentially nothing to show for it. I have a habit of putting too much on my plate...

It's not necessarily *my* FOSS projects that I want to be successful, but rather the FOSS ecosytem as a whole. I have stewardship over my little slice of it, but the FOSS ecosystem is a much broader (and singular) thing that I believe we all have a joint responsibility in caring for.

All free software is ours for the improving: projects will welcome our contributions and we should focus on broadening our impact.

To accomplish this, it helps to work on reducing the mental leap it takes for you to go from user to contributor, until the line between the two roles is difficult to distinguish. Contribute early, contribute often, and you'll be rewarded with a healthier free software ecosystem.

If #Google knew everything about you, they would’ve stopped listening to everything you say.

Look no further than your #email system for today’s #surveillancesaturday.

If you know that your #GMail & others are data-mined, is it entirely β€œon them” that your #privacy is undermined?

Be an active participant in your goal to remain private.

Avoid #surveillancecapitalism by choosing to make (sometimes difficult) decisions. Give your money to better companies with products that respect you more.

Portrait on Nikola Tesla made entirely of electric machines

New coins are coming to #Particl very soon! πŸš€

Buy anything online, in full #privacy and without restrictions, using your favorite crypto! πŸ›οΈ


Type in the comment section what coin you'd like to use the most on the #marketplace!

I'm wondering if it's worth having my repos on two different sites. It's proving to be too stressful setting things up in and out of editor to reliably mirror one repo to the other, without conflicts etc. Any suggestions?

@codeberg @gitlab

@codeberg Is it possible to mirror repos with Codeberg (in my case, mirror all commits from GitLab to Codeberg)?

Is there any way I can pull/push/fetch commits to/from multiple remotes with ?

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