@Tommy @armitage You got two great answers there. Also for other options, I know a lot of people are hating on Keybase now, but you get a subdomain at keybase.pub/ with an account. Also if you just want a place to blog privacytools.io has that.

@nikolal @resist1984 @marc0janssen This is getting away from the OP request for suggestions. You could slowly limit your use of WhatsApp, not respond to them in a timely manner and mention that Signal is the best way to contact you. Don't cut off WA completely but make it a little painful. Most people have lots of apps, so ask them to kindly install Signal, what's one more really going to hurt?

@marc0janssen @nikolal @resist1984
Yes the trouble is convincing people to care about privacy. All you can do is mention the latest Facebook/WhatsApp scandal in casual conversation. I think Signal is the best gateway to get people to better options if you already know their phone number.

@nikolal @marc0janssen @resist1984 Briar is excellent, and it no longer required scanning QR codes. From my review:
"7/7/2019- Update: You can now add remote contacts by exchanging Briar URLs. In the contacts list choose the "Add contact at a distance" option and enter the Briar URL of your remote contact which they will need to send you via another channel. This is also where you will see your own Briar URL to send to others."

Is the Web made for Computers? Or are Computers made for the Web? // Lunduke Journal 

"This type of “warrant-proof” encryption adds little to the security of the communications of the ordinary user, but it is a serious benefit for those who use the internet for illicit purposes."

So wrong, encryption has just as much benefit if not more for ordinary users.

Does anyone know of an European IT company hiring English speakers? I am willing to learn the local language, but I will probably not have full proficiency on day one.

I'm thinking Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Finland, although I can also consider Canada, New Zealand, Australia and other countries outside of Europe.

Please, contact me or let me know where I can apply!

@L1Cafe I recall Protonmail and Tutanota advertised job openings recently. What type of work are you looking for?

How the Drug War Broke Policing | Cato @ Liberty 

Tor Project | 

National Guard airlifts "Into the Wild" bus from Alaska trail over safety concerns - CBS News 

@marc0janssen I just saw you use a Mac, so do I ( as well as Linux but the Mac is my main system). My current setup for backup is using Acronis True Backup to do a full backup to the cloud which is encrypted. I also use Mega.nz to backup my entire Documents folder (and use the Mega app on other systems to locally sync the files I need). Then in have a Time Machine external drive.

@marc0janssen I would be interested in your Docker adventures. I have become more familiar with them through our use of dockers on my employer's web server, and I run my own Bitwarden docker on a VPS. But I am always finding new things to learn about how docker works.

A follow up idea. Which ones allow:
Custom domains
Email aliases
Built in PGP
Mobile apps

@Tommy Check out the Vivaldi browser vivaldi.com/
Chromium based and has encrypted cloud sync. It was started by JS von Tetzchner from Opera.

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