@PaulaToThePeople @e_mydata @eff /e/ calculates a privacy rating of apps on their own (I have asked for clarification about the details). /e/ is not a part of Google, they use LineageOS as a base for their operating system and try to remove as much reporting back to Google as possible in the /e/ OS.

@e_mydata @eff Can you explain more your privacy rating system? Apple shows what information is shared about you to the app in an easy to understand list. /e/ privacy rating is based on exodus-privacy reports which simply list trackers found and the raw permissions the app is requesting. This is difficult for the average user to translate into what data is accessible by the app. There is a privacy rating in the e app store but no breakdown how this is calculated.

@snowdusk @gemlog Where do I leave the milk and cookies to ensure snowdusk will make his appearance?

@claudiom @snowdusk Oh man I realize now how many browsers have come and gone. It's like the guy who rattles off all the cars he's owned over the years. Let's see I think I used:
92- Mosiac (Mac)
95- Netscape (Mac)
96- IE (Windoze)
98- NetPositive (BeOS)
01- Opera (Mac)
04- Safari
08- Firefox (Mac)
16- Vivaldi (Mac/Linux)
18- Tor Browser

Big announcement time 🎉

This #keyoxide project started as a "labor of love" side project but the awesome community response clearly showed me it deserved even more attention and care.

I'm excited to announce that NLnet / @NGIZero will be funding the project, allowing me to dedicate my full time to it and contribute in my own way to our collective struggle for online identity and security.

I thank all of you for your motivating feedback. Now, we can really begin 😎


@freddy This and @andreas's website inspired me to modify my website menu and contacts to be in a pseudo-yaml format . 😆

@snowdusk Looks like withdrawal management, jonesing for some dorkwave. Feeling better?

White House Covid-19 case study #1:
Daily testing: yes
Face masks: no
Social distancing: no
Result: Outbreak

What should we try for case study #2? Face masks or social distancing?

Disastrous debate shows the need for another option - NOW! | Libertarian Party

Presidential Debates Under the League of Women Voters - League of Women Voters Debate | HowStuffWorks
Presidential debates weren't exclusionary before the CPD took over. Now you have to be a D or R t be on the stage. That's the way they want it.

@linmob @Spaceface16518 @ManjaroARM @PINE64
Oh my, this may be my ultimate match-up. I was really into UBPorts until they locked down the system image, I just really enjoyed the interface. Now having this on top of Manjaro, what a dream!

It's gonna get busy on #Tilderadio tonight!!! 🎉✨

Coming up next is our new show "Sci-Fi Radio" with @tomasino from 22:00-23:00 UTC/6-7PM EDT


DJ @hardmous from 00:00-01:00 UTC/8-9PM EDT

followed by

The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour with yours truly from 01:00-02:00 UTC/9-10PM EDT✌️ It's 80s Synth & New Wave nite tonite! 🎹 🔥

then finally

DJ brendantcc a.k.a. 'brendo' from 05:30-06:00 UTC/1:30-2AM EDT (if DJ brendo is not busy with school work 🤞🍀✨)

So please tune in!

Go to:




Chat with us during the live shows via IRC!! For instructions go to:


or chat using your web browser at:


See you in the #tilderadio channel! 🥂

I could not sleep yesterday and read a ton and noticed that I missed a few things for #LinBits 11. I added them after the fact (see the footnote): linmob.net/2020/09/20/linbits1

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