How often do you take snapshots of your / folder? I'm just having one which is snapshot of last successful boot, reasoning is working kernel and GPU driver. I've made script which deletes old snapshot, takes new one and changes its permissions to write, I can boot from it in GRUB menu. I've seen people take many snapshots but I'm wondering whats reasoning behind it.

@nikolal I use Timeshift, mostly in case of a hard drive failure. I also have my important docs saved externally. I did use the Timeshift backup once when I moved from a platter HDD to SSD.

How does timeshift work? Wouldn't backups die also in case of hdd/ssd failure or do you copy those backups somewhere else?

@nikolal Timeshift takes a daily backup, and saves the dailies for one week, then keeps the weeklies for a month then saves the monthlies. Yes I have dedicated second internal drive just for Timeshift.

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