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Using uMastonauts on Ubuntu Touch . Now I may begin my transition off AOSP based phones.

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Working from home - here's what we use:

Email - @Tutanota
Chat - @signalapp
Office - @libreoffice

Browser - Firefox
Browser Plugins - Privacy Badger
Password Manager - KeePass

#COVID19 #coronavirus #HomeOffice

World Community Grid - View Thread - Coming Soon: OpenPandemics

Today, IBM announced OpenPandemics , a new World Community Grid project in partnership with Scripps Research. Once launched, this project's main goals are:

Search for potential treatments for COVID-19.

Develop additional open-source drug discovery tools and processes that can be quickly deployed to address future pandemics and epidemics.

Video Chat Options
My recommendations for using video chat with groups. Because we all need to stay connected.

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This certainly will go to crypto snake oil chronicles 🤦‍♂️

More updates for Ubuntu Touch testing on . I am looking for working apps now.
Also a couple updates on PMOS Phosh and Plasma Neon.

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I don't think many people know about this but you can anonymize your DNS requests if you own some linux server with shell access. Steps to take:
1) Install Wireguard on your server
2) Install dnscrypt-proxy
3) Configure dnscrypt-proxy to use anonymized DNS in .toml file
4) Profit

You can also install PiHole for adblocking and configure it to use dnscrypt-proxy. You can connect then with Wireguard and have VPN+anon DNS+ adblocker.

Links in next toot.

With the new version of Plasma, PMOS and Neon just jumped ahead of Manjaro for usability on the PinePhone. But they are still behind Ubuntu Touch.

I just added instructions on how to increase the size of your PinePhone system partition to use the entire SD card.

I pushed a big update to my PinePhone Ubuntu Touch setup instructions. This is very important because your phone is running an SSH server! If you are just getting started with UT on the or even if you've been using it for a bit you may find this useful.

Using a PC to SSH into the UBPorts PinePhone makes things so much easier.

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Ubuntu Touch is by far the best OS I have tried on the PinePhone. I am really impressed. Very responsive, no major UI issues of windows not fitting within the screen size, gestures work very well. Briefly tried the OpenStore to install some web apps, haven't tried any flatpak or anything yet.

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I am keeping my notes on testing PinePhone here.
I will post tips on getting things working as I discover them and list the good/bad things I find. I only did a brief test of each OS this weekend.

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