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I like tmp.ninja's DMCA terms.
"We host content for 48 hours, and we strictly comply with DMCA requests which by coincidence take about 48 hours to process."

idk why but i've been misplacing my hands on keyboards, like shifted over by one key either to the left or right, and it's kinda scary that damage that can be done

i'm back on ff dev edition after realizing the OBS updates for ungoogled chromium are v slow

one of those games where you play a terrible opening and have to pray your lower rated opponent can't finish it. (i played black).

went to the last BLMLA protest today. it was meant to be a celebration, but always hard to feel like it's a victory when there's a seemingly endless line of family members giving speeches about loved ones whose lives have been taken by killer cops.

there needs to be a better way to block and unblock domains/accounts imo

i really need to stop eating full pound bags of gummy bears

playing this new game on mastodon called 'go to federated timeline: block or block domain'

why are offensive gestures for showing you're angry at someone (like πŸ–• or ✊) sexual acts

websites that block VPN but not Tor (etsy, craigslist...) πŸ€”

been reviewing/revisiting old images and music i'd forgotten about. it feels like i'm waking up from a dream or coming out of a bad trip where i've forgotten who i am/was.

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