i guess wanting to eat your feelings while on a diet means eating a ton of celery sticks


"...the other solution is to break up the tech monopolies. Companies like Facebook and Twitter have so much power because they are so large, and they face no real competition. This is a national-security risk as well as a personal-security risk. Were there 100 different Twitter-like companies, and enough compatibility so that all their feeds could merge into one interface, this attack wouldn't have been such a big deal. "

sounds exactly like mastodon :)

is there a FOSS way to text message from a computer? unfort not everyone is willing to join signal, but i'd still like to message via computer

too many packages seek to replace ido and fail to account for edge cases where ido just does

first day i let myself play chess again and i drop 100 in blitz, mainly to super low-rated players. just too slow :(

for some reason it made *some* news when IG started to limit scrolled content to users who weren't logged in. but now you can't even view anything without having an account! (and i feel like no one's said anything)

anyways big shout out to bibliogram. ily

i'm now guix free. i tried it for years on a foreign distro, but i don't need/want it anymore.

just loggin in to shout out ubuntu studio. also learned a "trick" to funnel pulseaudio into jack πŸ‘ πŸ‘

dieting always makes me cranky. but it'll be worth it to be skinny, i tell myself.

hahahahahahha was in a really bad mood tonight and to top it it all off couldn't find a song i had in my head, and then i found it and it turned out to be slipknot

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