Together with the great State partitioning feature, Mozilla rolls out "Sponsored Top Sites" basically advertisements on your "Home" page.

While I don't mind them creating alternative revenue streams, they should, especially with something traditionally very privacy unfriendly, do it transparently. Instead their "anonymized tech data" links to a github repo without documentation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@sp1rit What is a Github resource usually supposed to display? I don't know how to read Github stuff.

@redcoqui well, yes it's foremost for soucecode, like this repo has too. But good projects, especially ones that want to engage with the community, usually porvide documentation abou how the code/protocol works.

@sp1rit Gotcha. To the level that a complete noob would be able to decipher it all? Or would you have to have some knowledge of code and things to comprehend?

And why wouldn't Mozilla of all communities make sure they aren't an exception? Sad. 😕


@redcoqui it's doable. Seems to be very small. But all it does is to accept an request and pass it through the advertiser, acting like a proxy. So the advertiser doesn't see your IP.

But any other potential part of a fingerprint is still sent by the client. So you'd have to look at the Firefox source code.

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