Considering to move from a selfhosted gitea to Github with flockingbird. Sourcecode, issues, wiki/documentation.

* Discoverability: We're just more visible on GH than on "some random website".
* Participation barrier: you probably have a GH account, but certainly no account yet on our instance.
* Defacto standard: external systems like CI, support etc all require github.

It feels a bit like giving in, but the benefits seem to outweigh the idealistic stance.

What do you think?



What about mirroring your repo to github (like the linux kernel maintainers do it) and have a bot that generates git send-email patches that they can send to you?

Otherwise what about selfhosted Gitlab?

@sp1rit Thanks!
Indeed, mirroring solves the "discoverability" part of the problem. We had that set up. But it introduces new problems.

The "Participation" becomes more complex: where do people post, update and search for issues? Where to update the wiki? How&where to update a PR? How to authorize push acces, etc?

We'll still need a canonical, clearly marketed, "single source of truth".

Should that be github? Or should everyone be directed to the selfhosted version, away from Github?

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