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if you have advanced protection on, google will mangle all your emails, even via imap, to rewrite all URLs to the google redirector, breaking email signatures, breaking PGP crypto signatures, et c.


if you want to back up your mail in its original form, you have to do it via data takeout/export.

also google: if you want to export your email unmodified, it takes months(!) because you have advanced protection on.

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@Sofie @blueplanetslittlehelper @crossgolf_rebel
... aber nichts.
Wie geht es dann weiter?
Im Gymnasium, 9. Klasse, wissen die Kinder, äh Jugendlichen zu einem großen Teil nicht einmal wie man eine EMail schreibt, s.d. die Lehrerin eine halbe Stunde EMail schreiben übt.

Ich kann es nicht oft genug sagen: Digitale Bildung ist kein Daddeln auf dem Smartphone, sondern ein intensives Auseinandersetzen mit den heutigen, technischen, digitalen Möglichkeiten.

Und: Wir sind Vorbilder für die Kinder!!

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RT @onbeeper@twitter.com

We're very excited to announce Beeper, a new app that combines all your chats into a unified inbox. Built by @ericmigi@twitter.com @tulir293@twitter.com @KubeSail@twitter.com. Check it out at beeperhq.com

🐦🔗: twitter.com/onbeeper/status/13

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@talon @Gargron @debugninja
In my projects: this, prototype, new, __proto__ and constructor were all forbidden, except if needed for interfacing with library code.
These days I don't do js much anymore, Rust+Tokio has everything I need.

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Ende Dezember im Testbetrieb aus #Mastodon gestartet, ausprobiert, viele Tipps und Hinweise erhalten (danke!), angepasst (auch unser völlig unverständlicher Weise als irgendwie „ähnlich“ kritisiertes Logo 😉), verändert, und:
ab heute offiziell unterwegs.


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Lidl mach gerade Werbung mit esport. Da wird ein Apfel gegessen. Ich war schon auf LAN Partys. Es gab nie Äpfel.

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Delta Chat is probably the most scalable messenger today.
Even if a billion users migrated to our apps, we would be fine and it wouldn't ruin us. Our Operating Costs hardly increase with more users. A pretty unique strategic economical advantage, isn't it?

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Today I found out that it's possible to have a Half-Life LAN party between the 3DS and Vita

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An experiment from the last weekend.

This demo is a complete ripoff of, I mean inspired by:


The presets are mostly from the react-spring demo as well, though they are a placeholder.

Partially based on the implementation from github.com/robb/RBBAnimation

Shouts out to:

Manuel Genovés (not on Fediverse) - help with the math
@tbernard - design

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3 Akte:

1. Man erlasse unsinnige Gesetze. (#15kmRadius)

2. Sie funktionieren (wie zu erwarten) nicht. (#Kontrolle)

3. Man fordert als "Lösung" das, was man eigtl. wollte. (#Überwachung & #Bewegungsdaten)

👏👏👏 Bravo.
Zum Glück durchschaut euch keiner...

Tomorrow (or to be more precise in eight hours) school starts again.

Im genuinely interested what their latest prorection "ideas" against are. I'm genuinely baffled that they allow themselves to just cut PE from the curriculum, while writing they did that so we are better prepared for the final exams. While I totally agree that actual lessons are way better, we just have **five** actual exam subjects, yet we still have the whole curriculum.

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The new Pixelfed website is much nicer and will include a federated forum, new documentation site, translation platform and improved instance picker.

It was a lot of work to built everything from scratch, but we'll be able to provide a better experience across the Pixelfed ecosystem for admins, developers and users!

Available soon.


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Happy New Year 🥳

We are preparing to release the next version that includes several new features and improvements.

The mobile app is almost ready for primetime, and we'll be shipping the Android version first (via @fdroidorg)!

PS - We have been working on text-only posts support 😉 #pixelfed

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Die Aufzeichnung unseres #rC3-Workshops »Digitales Klassenzimmer« ist jetzt online!


Vielen Dank an alle Referent.innen, den CCC HH und das @c3voc!

#digitaleBildung #bildungspaket #fedilz /c

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BTW, today we released #PeerTube v3, complete with p2p live streaming features and a behind-the-scene short film.

Read more about it on our blog (and please share 😉) framablog.org/2021/01/07/peert

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RT @joepie91@twitter.com

With thanks to hrj (github.com/hrj/) for the original that it's based on, here's a quick feature chart that compares various WhatsApp alternatives:

🐦🔗: twitter.com/joepie91/status/13

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