How to get a Jekyll GitHub pages site indexed by search engines... Hmm.

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Hey guys, just a little update: this still hasn't changed.

I just noticed this server's rules says we should make unlisted posts by default. Anybody know why? What's the issue with public ones, or other types of posts?

Anyone got a good de-Facebooking guide out there? I'd rather get all my data/export some services before deleting the account for good, and I don't want to miss anything.

Update on the CalyxOS FOSS only experiment:

Another downside is a fitness/tracking app like a Strava replacement that has different sport modes other than running. Open Tracks doesn't quite cut it.

Damn, to make a account you have to do the hardest captchas ever.

That shit is like solving a 4D Rubik's cube.

Experimenting with a FOSS-only CalyxOS flash on my de-googled Pixel 2. Let's see how far this goes!

Very difficult to keep myself from using my regular google-associated accounts on it!

Downsides so far:

- camera/gallery options (default CalyxOS 📷 sucks)

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@soudk I avoid most social media but there are several ways of browsing them. I like the alternative web frontends for twitter (e.g. and reddit (, and use these quite a bit. Logging in isn't possible however. On mobile there are also apps, at least for android that let you use social media im a way private way. For Reddit I can recommend slide from f-droid. Quite feature-rich and logging in is possible.
Feel free to ask more if you want :)

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Been hearing a lot about the evolution of the FF logo, but this was unexpected...

I'm so overwhelmed with the privacy options out there. Anyone wanna share their setup for syncing/using


What email providers do you use?
Do you have a custom domain for your email?

Does everything FOSS play nicely with eachother?

Do you use Reddit logged in? What about other social media?


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I don't think I ever truly realized how bad Windows was until yesterday. After a year of exclusively stable Linux installs, never a crash, never a problem, I needed to use Windows for something. So I put in my Windows SSD and the OS wipes itself out the second I boot. For no reason. And then put me in an inescapable "recovery process" loop.
- Signed, a previous eight year Windows user.

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