I'm going to buy a av receiver and setup a home theater. Dolby Atmos is only supported on very new systems, is it worth it? What about network capabilities? I have it attached to Android TV so it can provide network shares via Kodi.

Everywhere talking about pride, will I ever see one with my own eyes? Fight, it is not over, not even close, fight for others.

I'm going to run PiHole with DoH on my Raspberry Pi and set the router's default DNS to it so that my ISP cannot tamper DNS lookups.

I got cold I think, sore throat, earache, headache.

My ISP intercepts and changes DNS lookup results for myprotonvpn.com domain. Is there a way to get around this on my Android phone? I cannot use DoH on Android and the VPN at the same time.

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I'm working on a new WordPress theme that I want to try actually releasing for free in a bigger way than tossing on GitHub for once.

I'm planning on branding it around – big surprise – an animal. Anyone have recommendations for a minimal animal designer?

Boss adds bunch of tasks in the middle of the sprint. He is also ok with not achieving the sprint goals because of these new tasks. Is this ok? I do not feel ok.

DNS without encryption should be banned. I just found out my ISP intercepts and even replies back from Google DNS servers changing the results. For example it does not let me query protonvpn VPN servers.

I just watched the swedish movie, a man called Ove. It was fine but I would really miss many things I had not read the book.

The friend who got arrested nearly a month ago is still missing. Not even a phone call. I hope he is alive and fine somewhere.

Is that because I have not seen my boyfriend for two days?

I just had a very sexy semi-lucid dream. I woke up while I was hugging a tall twink at the beach. It was a long time I had not seen such.

I just finished the book A Man Called Ove. It was really nice. Looking forward to watch the movie too.

I have set up openvpn and in separate docker containers, can I route all traffic in openvon through tor?

I remember the days XMPP was used everywhere, then companies started closing them one by one and the world gone dark.

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It is the third day I am waiting for disroot to open their sign up page. It is still weekend. :D

It is the third day I am waiting for disroot to open their sign up page. It is still weekend. :D

How does Ramin Djawadi make such really good music? Listening to music from West World.

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