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there is nzxj65x32vh2fkhk.onion but it only holds for 1 hour.

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Sometimes I read an article that's posted on a CloudFlare site. Do I share it? No- it's unethical to send ppl into . The 1st thought is to share a link to an copy of it. Problem is it's verbatim enough to regurgitate content that promotes the CF site. We need a .onion paste service to indefinately store the raw text.

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@Tutanota Your client has worsened things for the users. A few months ago we could use to access both & accounts. Now you've done something to cause ElectronMail to drop Tutanota support, so that users are forced to maintain yet-another-single-purpose app just for Tutanota.

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Americans: It's not enough to freeze your credit. If you only ask for a freeze your data will still be shared for prescreening offers. You also want to specifically opt-out of . If you opt-out of prescreening, Innovis will automatically send your opt-out preference to , , & .

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What's really going on here.. your changes make it easier for those blocking #Tor to block more connections in an automated fashion. Before this change, the Tor community benefitted from being able to pick a new exit node to access their banks before the firewall downloaded the list. Now we will be instantly blocked.

You say this will help web admins redirect Tor users to their onion sites, but #PrivacyInternational was already doing that.

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@wintgenstein Cuban life expectancy surpassed the US this year lol

Smart TVs are just smart enough to be dangerous.

I want to say to my family: ditch . Ditch . And don't buy any more smart TVs. It's all 'd up the yin-yang anyway. But they will reject that advice. Is there any for any decent streaming services?

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I would never buy a , because . Yet I'm the one that gets called in when a family member's becomes unusable with & apps suddenly failing. What does Vizio tech support say? They said: "buy an ".

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Sometimes something is so common that you assume it’s worth using, in this case, HTML email.

I’m glad when something comes along that causes me to question these default behaviors, especially when they are harmful.

I’ll be configuring all my mail clients to use plaintext by default, and I’m going to make do a better job with plaintext as well.

Q) How do you know you have a respecting service?

A) You see ads like this when you login to the web UI:

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@dredmorbius @dl "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality." -- Desmond Tutu. Bans on political chatter effectively favor oppressors.

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Inaction is a Form of Action

The story of the no-politics diner.

And why "don't discuss politics" and tone-policing *is* political. Most especially when it limits minority and disenfranchised voices.

(This also isn't an argument for free-for-all speech. It's complicated, Peeps.)

#freeSpeech #socialMedia #Facebook #monopoly #BigTech

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Advertising Is a Cancer on Society

...Real world advertising is not about informing, it's about convincing. Over time, it became increasingly manipulative and dishonest. It also became more effective. In the process, it grew to consume a significant amount of resources of every company on the planet. It infected every communication medium in existence, both digital and analog. ...

-- @temporal

#advertising #AdvertisingIsCancer

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