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When a bug tracker makes me jump through hoops (#CAPTCHA) or the bug tracker is hosted by an unethical service (e.g. MS #Github or [#CloudFlare]):

@schestowitz has several ethical problems. Apart from using , is a site, littered with , , , etc. And they ask for donations using , , & .

@Paradox @esvrld Regarding (b), it's overly simplistic to say whether capitalism is efficient or not. In some contexts it's effecient (e.g. a company reducing waste) & in other contexts it's absurdly inefficient (e.g. different companies writing the same closed-source proprietary s/w code). OTOH, the widespread misconception is that it's wholly efficient and that badly needs exposure.

@marc0janssen @nikolal @techit i guess i'd be satisfied if you just reach the point of acknowledging that there are many degrees of evil and accept that as rationale to avoid the worst of them.

@techit @nikolal @marc0janssen If I had to buy a phone now, it would probably be a or . But the most ethical phone is the one you already have. It's better not to replace one needlessly. I don't need anything newer than my old Wiko.

@marc0janssen @techit @nikolal Your point is still based on the false dichotomy that the choice is evil and not evil. There are many degrees of evil, and and are far less evil than iPhone.

@marc0janssen @nikolal @techit Back before I was boycotting Amazon, I did have a bad experience with them. But it's irrelevant. I boycott them over their endless list of social wrongdoing

@marc0janssen @techit @nikolal Google is less evil than Amazon, but still evil. There are more ethical data centers to use than AWS and Google cloud.

@techit @nikolal @marc0janssen Amazon runs extreme sweat shops with no mercy for workers who are extra vulnerable to COVID19. The privacy abuses are endless.

@marc0janssen @nikolal @techit is one of the most evil companies you can patronize. It would be a struggle to find a less ethical supplier. Environment alone is sufficient to boycott them:

@marc0janssen @techit @nikolal there's a limit on how much investigation you can do, but certainly if an ethical consumer comes across some damning information they move on to a lesser evil.

@marc0janssen @nikolal @techit that's a false dichotomy. Treating everything as a binary "evil or non-evil" and calling all evil is the same degree of evil is just a broken rationalization for ethical neglect. If you don't buy your books from Amazon, you can still buy them from the family owned and operated bookstore down the street.

@marc0janssen @techit @nikolal this is like saying "those Trump supporters are not racist". While some are not, in the end their actions support racist policy. You've chosen to continue supporting Amazon, which doesn't make you racist, anti-environment, anti-workers rights, and pro-surveillance, but it makes you a supporter of those outcomes.

@marc0janssen @nikolal @techit To ignore politics is to be ignorant. It's ignorance by choice, which is worse. And it's consistent with your contempt for ethical consumption.

@techit @marc0janssen @nikolal political ideas obviously separate evil from non-evil. It's the whole point of politics, in fact.

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