@resist1984 I think people are a bit misguided when it comes to "privacy" concerns. After a certain point the problem is with the user rather than the service. Using Github is fine, the data is inert and is a simple one-off connection to clone the repo or file an issue. Re-captcha is an issue for sure, but ultimately you're connecting and storing data at Protonmail, you traded privacy for convenience and uptime guarantees. If you're that concerned with privacy host the E-mail yourself.

@Salastil The problems w/MS are direct privacy offenses to a small extent (Tor users get bad treatment) & indirect privacy offenses to a large extent (MS profits from privacy abuse so any time you use any of their services you help a privacy abuser's bottom line). Github is also detrimental to quality of by discouraging bug reports:


@Salastil As for storing email at , that's a non-issue because it's encrypted (e2ee & at rest). If it's unencrypted mail that triggers your comment, that's a valid concern. I have no idea to what extent people use Protonmail for plaintext email. PM-to-PM & PM-to-external-PGP only exposes metadata to mass surveillance programs to the extent that the Swiss jurisdiction has them.

@Salastil For threat models that include targeted surveillance, Protonmail is generally a bad choice because they can selectively push malicious javascript. But there is a control for that: anonymously download . That ensures that you're running the same static js that everyone else is.

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