The migration continues: Google to Proton to?? Recommendations?


@jpaul it depends on the scenario. The best move for expert users doesn't change, which is to use an ESP like danwin or onionmail w/a PGP-capable MUA like mutt or Thunderbird. For novice users it's non-trivial, but generally , , or .

@jpaul Losing is a big loss for expert-to-novice comms b/c an expert can get a novice's PM pubkey & reach them securely w/out having a PM acct themselves. Apart from PM only Hushmail can do that AFAIK & HM is no longer gratis.

I feel/share your pain.

I have serious doubts wrt TB. A while ago there was a widespread encryption bug in mail clients and the only ones not affected were mutt and kmail if HTML-mail was disabled (by default). Thunderbird was affected.

mastodon.social/@nwalfield contains various relevant toots. Possibly (a bit) biased, but also knowledgeable.

Could be a (weird) coincidence, but recently got an encrypted email from someone using TB which I couldn't open; sth went wrong


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