@altlink Would be really noble of any admins to set all their users' accounts to follow @altlink by default.

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@resist1984 @altlink noble? No, that would be overstepping their role as admin.

@vesperto @altlink 1st of all it's normal for Mastodon admins to configure user accts to follow some accounts by default. Also, admins make their own rules for their server and if you don't like it, you go elsewhere. It's not overstepping because admins control the quality of msgs coming from their server. Think of it like an anti-spam policy.

@altlink @vesperto links are socially irresponsible & detrimental, so a good admins seek to control them. The altlink bot is overly non-intrusive IMO. If I were an admin, I would do more to get CF links out of public view.

@resist1984 @altlink just tested it. very cool.. i hope the altlink follow count reaches 4 figures

Tip: Follow @altlink

It'll tell you whenever you share a link to a site that is locked behind Cloudflare.

Not only that, but it'll give you a better link.

#Cloudflare sites are hard to access for #Tor users (they have to solve a #captcha), and impossible to access for Tor users with alternative browsers. That is to say, anything not (forked from) Chrome or Firefox.

Details: git.nogafam.es/deCloudflare/de

h/t social.privacytools.io/@resist

@Coffee @altlink@mamot.fr Ewww web property. Commercialism has tainted the web ideals and is now rewriting history and language so that no one remembers how things were diffrent. Verry Orwellian.

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